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This is a Bulletproof Fusion with Leangains IF.

I am currently training bench,deadlift,squat at least 3 times a week, with high level tennis, usually 2 times a week). I am 185lbs, 5'11. I have ~14% Body Fat. 47% Muscle Mass. My goal with the following protocol is lean down my midsection(currently I see 0 Abs) and to build my strength for sports and general fitness. Body weight, does not matter... Ideally, 178 I think is my magic number I will shoot for by next month.

Protocol:IF 9pm-2pm each day

Each morning(6:30am):

2 glasses of water mixed with Himalayan sea salt and ascorbic acid (8000%-12000% of daily value). An hour later(7:30),I will have a cup of coffee with a splash of MCT oil... no butter to fully entertain the IF. Followed by 2x Aniracetam.

Training days: 25% Calories(usually sushi) at 2pm, 5-7 I might have a Banana if I need it as an energy boost. My workout then is a combination of bench, squat, pullups, deadlifts, and core work. Typically, I select three of these exercises and do 1.5 my body weight, 5 sets of 5 reps, and core work. When I am done, I re-feed and eat 1LB grass-fed beef, a large yam, 6egg whites 1 yolk, and a small glass of Merlot and possibly some dark chocolate if I feel like it.

Non-training days: First meal, 45% of my daily needs, higher in fat and protein. (Think Salmon Patty and potato/steamed veggies) I will play some tennis if some of these off days 5-7pm. At 7pm it's dinner time, 1LB of grass-fed beef(or 6eggs), steamed veggies, avocado, kerry-gold butter. With a multivitamin.

I close the night with:




12,000 IU Vitamin D

Fish Oils


  • Just something to think about, most multivitamins are pure shit in bad ratios, good ones (IMO) are vimmortal and ortho multi basics. I don't think taking that much vitamin C every day is best, but I hear pretty mixed things on that as well. Bananas are pretty high in fructose afaik, and yams/rice are not the best. Red wine has some health benefits but I think they are overcast by the sugar and yeast. 12,000 IU may be too much to take for a long period of time, as I BELIEVE it stays in your system for quite a while, so if you have been taking that much for a long time, your levels might be quite high, not that its a super high dose or anything. just my 2cents
  • Hi Brian, to optimize your circadian rhythms, you might like to try taking the vitamin D in the morning or at midday while the sun is out/it's light out.
  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    My concern with that is I will be fasting during my morning/midday and fat will not be present for it be absorbed with. Your reasoning makes a lot of sense, and I think I will move Vitamin D to my midday meal.

    -Thanks Andrew
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    Brian, you mention your fasting period, and I have heard the co-host and Dave mention it on the podcast as well. I guess I don't understand the main point behind the fasting, can you help explain?

    Dave mentioned an upcoming post on bulletproof fasting that I am curious to read as well. I would love to understand the benefits/drawbacks of it all.


  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    To answer your question on fasting... I do it for metabolic effects combined with my training to improve resource allocation/utilization for my body.

    I should note, breakfast is naturally something I avoid so it is also just my preferred way to live, but up until recently I was forcing myself to eat large breakfasts. (Frequent meals do not provide you a higher metabolic rate, like everyone thinks)

    There are lots of reasons to fast. Maybe not complete fasting, but definitely I.F. Dave's bulletproof fasting from what I understand is simply fasting, but eating butter/fat during the fast to have energy while remaining in Ketosis. I am not sure about this, and have removed butter from my morning coffee, but I still keep a very small bit of MCT oil in it for the added thermogenic effects.

    End of the day, it all comes down to what makes you perform better... I get more done while on an empty-stomach... and I sleep better on a full stomach.
  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    My program is based around the 5x5 Strong Lift, however I have a bit more crossfit style training in there. To elaborate on this, I do the 5x5 routine but I will typically add some athletic quick movements in as well. For example after doing deadlifts, I will also do sets of high-jumps onto a platform right after the lift. For squats, I will complete my 5x5 sets then proceed to do a plyo routine similar to p90. The goal here is to lift for strength and hormones, but then to stretch out the muscles and condition them for improving athletic performance. So far so good, I increased my vertical jump by 6 inches and from my deadlift/squat routines I have also gotten to below a 6 minute mile.

    As for progression,

    I am currently doing 5x5 at the following weights:

    260lbs Bench Press

    360lbs Squat

    290lbs Deadlift

    Each week, I increase the weights, but at different rates for each exercise...

    My progression is definitely not linear... Squats and Deadlifts are climbing rather quickly, but my chest has always been a slow grower, its just in my genes, my father was the same way when he did body building.

    To give an idea, this next week I expect -

    265 Bench

    380-400 Squat

    305 Deadlift

    As for the multivitamin, I am axing it. It was a nice one I found with a probiotic, and good levels of chromium and selenium that I was seeking, but now I am taking those separately.

    As for tennis and fat burning... I do play fasted if I can. Especially if its just hitting practice. However, I usually want my top performance ( I hate losing, and I never want hunger to be an excuse ) so I will eat before matches.
  • Are you getting any benefit with taking Aniracetam without fat? It's fat soluble...
  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    Bullet Proof Coffee will still be in my stomach... just cooled off a bit... there is quite a bit of fat there...

    I noticed it after a week or so...
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