Alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme acts on Alcohol, Ethylene glycol (coolant) and Methanol. Turns out Methanol yields the toxic formaldehyde which later becomes Formic Acid. Formic acid is very toxic, and is associated with damage to the eye and even causing blindness.

The truth is aspartame is broken down to Phenylalanine, Aspartic acid and METHANOL.... which even in the low ammounts they claim it's produced by the breakdown of aspartame, it's a toxin!

Hedaches? what if that formaldehyde is actually hurting your optic nerve? Why consume something that WILL ALWAYS PRODUCE METHANOL because it sweetens a cookie pie>?

Did you know that formaldehyde is what is put on cadavers so they remain a little longer without decomposing? I wonder if aspartame would work good for that too.

I don't know about you, but If I get aspartame is very rarely from ocassional Free day on this diet. Yea there are some fruits that contain some mild methanol, but the truth is more people use this crappy sweetner than eating the fruit.

It's very sad to see people putting formaldehyde into their coffees...or life in general... maybe they want to look like cadavers>? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Just my reaction from hearing some of the podcast 15

cheers 8-)



  • I thought it was a good interview though. A lot of interesting points the guy made. I personally am not going to run out and eat aspartame. But I did like the fact that they are bringing on guests that share different points of view. I would love to see them interview Dr. Ornish! Haha :lol:
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  • I listened to that podcast the other day. Back in '05, I used to drink a ton of diet soda. I had a blood routine blood test and my liver enzymes (AST/ALT) were slightly elevated. My doctor thought I was doing drugs, LOL! I told her I drank lots of diet soda. I cut it out for a month and my enzymes came back down. As you may know, aspartame is metabolized into formaldehyde and if you eat too much it stresses your liver, therefor reving up the enzymes. I'm surprised he didn't mention that on the podcast.
  • IDK why so many people get hysterical when it comes to aspartame. Seems like a huge improvement over sugar to me and I have yet to find peer-reviewed science to show these supposedly great dangers it possesses.

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