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Hey guys,


As a few of you were aware, i was on tour recently (still meant to be now) but it got caught short when our rv crashed into a stationary semi on the freeway near Montreal. No one was killed but i suffered the worst of the injuries, miraculously nothing broke but i have a badly sprained back and ankle among a few bad cuts. I've been given a bunch of different pain killers to help the pain but i feel more rough when i take them so was just seeing if anyone had any more bulletproof alternatives for the immediate and then long term help for the pain and eventual recovery!


For reference of the severity here's a few pictures, still doing my BPC though  :cool:




  • Ok, due to the lack of interest in this let me rephrase my question.


    Apart from your standard issue pain killers, what supplements etc should i look at to aid in pain relief, anti inflammation and general well being. A week on i'm doing better, i can walk around much easier, lying or sitting centrally causes the most pain on my lower back. It's actually my tail bone area that's damaged but luckily nothing extensive so should heal eventually.

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    Wow... serious looking pictures, good that nobody got killed. :)


    Check this thread out:



    and good luck to recover soon

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    W O W. I hope you are getting better. I do not know what to say. I clicked here as I am looking for treatment for rotator cuff. What I know from my experience is that ice is much better than taking painkillers. You get almost immediate pain relief and it is anti inflammatory I believe. How is your knee?


    Maybe this helps in general



  • I don't know how people will feel about what I'm about to say but I would recomend ingesting pot. I found it helped my knee greatly. Some days I could barely walk. Have a couple cookies and pain was gone. I also vaporize, which is a much much healthier options than bongs, joints and pipes.

  • I don't know how people will feel about what I'm about to say but I would recomend ingesting pot. I found it helped my knee greatly. Some days I could barely walk. Have a couple cookies and pain was gone. I also vaporize, which is a much much healthier options than bongs, joints and pipes.


    Funnily enough, i was given a vaporizer pen whilst out on tour. I'll certainly be testing it out.


    Thanks  for all the suggestions so far, I've been having what would usually be my post workout shake a few times a day (protein powder, 5g Glutamine, 5g Creatine) but may look to up the Glutamine amount for the next week. Sleep has been affected, i've slept longer than usual but a combination of jet lag and pain keeps waking me up throughout the night. 


    I read that when ill or injured it's best to avoid caffeine? 

  • To make bp pot butter for cooking, use grassfed butter to 20 oz of shake, vaporized pot or fresh pot. Boil on low while stirring for 20 mins. Then use cheesecloth or something simliar to strain it. add the butter to what ever you want to eat and within about 15-20 mins you should feel your body lighten up. I havent had too much but it can sneak up on you. also expect to be high for about 3-6 hoursish. I can have lots ie 4 cookies and 2 bacon and egg sandwhichs with the pot butter and im able to handle it. my buddy had 5 cookies and was put down. so test your limits first

  • Hmm that sounds tremendously intriguing, i'd certainly stay cautious with the dose. I used to smoke it heavily in my teens but haven't had any in almost 8 years. Vaporizer or butter is definitely the only way i'd have it again. 



    In terms of my injuries, I've spent the last 2 days moving house on top of what should have been more recovery time so my symptoms have exacerbated quite considerably. I've upped my Glutamine intake to 10-15g a day whilst i wait for a few supplements to arrive in the mail. I'm on day 7 of the pain killer cocktail and it's really taking it's toll on me, i'm just worried about coming off and the pain getting much worse.

  • It will be a bit of a mental battle. I was put on morphine for 24/hr a day for 2 weeks. that was hard to come off. i just said no more flushed what was left and quit them. I was a misserable asshole for a few days i guess, even missed some work do to the shakes. Be careful with those cocktails of pain meds terrible shit.

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    The glutamine is a good start. In Tim Ferriss' last book he talks about super dosing with Vitamin C. He mentions that vitamin C is a little known pain killer and can be supplemented orally up to 20 grams a day. I take about eight grams a day and I have noticed a difference (then again I am doing a host of other things).

    Did your doctor mention any physical therapy type things you should be doing? I've had tremendous success working with an upstream / downstream model Kelly Starrett recommends -- that is -- if you have pain, make sure you have full range of motion in the surrounding tissue.

    So if your lower back hurts, grab a foam roller and roll out your hamstrings and thoracic spine. Don't know if you're capable of that in your current condition though.

  • Well i've spent my first day taking absolutely no pain killers and i'm doing ok. My appetite has come back finally so i've been going mad on as many green veggies as i can get in me! I've been taking 4g of Vitamin C, only through tablets though. Is it better to take it in powder form? The Glutamine seems to have helped with the inflamation in place of the drugs so i'll keep that up too, i mix it with the Calcium/Magnesium powder twice a day.


    I've got a foam roller but don't think i'm ready to give my lower back a roll yet! i certainly will in a few days and see how i get on. It's mainly the tail bone area that's the most damaged, not much i can do down there. 

  • well if a girl really loved you she might give you a tailbone massage? hahahahaha

  • Phenocane (Curcumin)... is good... what about earthing mat or band? Katolotus?

  • Quick update, i've recovered well thus far, mainly been upping the Glutamine which has helped a lot! I've not ventured onto the foam roller yet but can feel myself being ready in a few days.

  • atta boy. keep up the clean recovery

  • Use tapping to release the trauma of the actual accident! And to release fears of starting different rehab techniques such as working with your foam roller. 

    Check out this video of a woman who used it to heal her neck after a car accident:

    EFT is like acupuncture minus the needles. It is MAGIC! Super bulletproof. 


  • hows things going man? how has the recovery gone? get rid of the pills?

  • I had my first day back at the gym today so i'm pretty much all healed up. My ankle is still pretty sketchy but other than that i'm good. My knee kept splitting open everytime i bent down and was bleeding for like 2 weeks. Once it got a chance to connect it healed up really quickly, i put it all down to the BP diet! My band mates that got cuts are still nursing theirs!

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    Advanced recovery is a passion of mine. If your cuts are properly bandaged and covered (or able to be covered in petroleum jelly) I would recommend getting into a float tank. You need the deepest of relaxation and sleep to start to bring down the inflammation and speed up healing. 


    That is a gnarly wreck, glad you made it

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  • For small abraisions i use the same technique i use on my tattoos. Keep them moist all the time. Like put something vitemin e? based i believe. Sorry cant quite remember at this moment and time lol. But i found it lessens the scarring.

  • Thanks guys, my last remaining cut is not bothering me, it's certainly going to leave a scar but i don't mind. My ankle still feels sprained, i'm concerned that where they had to stitch up the top, the ankle has really reduced mobility when extending it and they've sewn it up too tight or something! i'm sure it'll sort itself out over time. I'm just craving the thought of doing my first session of hill sprints, haven't done any cardio in 2 months now!

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    Get yourself a lacrosse ball (they sell them at any sporting goods store) and use it to roll the surrounding tissue around your ankle. Roll with some pressure over your heel cord, your shin (this will hurt), and the tissue around your foot. Wherever you feel comfortable applying pressure around your injury. This 'upstream downstream' model is extremely effective at loosening the fascia in the surrounding areas, so it should give you back some range of motion in that ankle.

    Everything's just tight!  

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