The Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

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Hi all,


This is my first post in the forums, though I've been scouring this place for some time now. I'm on day two of the RFLP and I thought this would be a good opportunity to contribute a little something. Let's start with some stats. I'm a 27 year old male homo sapien who weighs 82.0 kg at 16.2% body fat. I have done a blood test prior, all my liver and kidney values are great (I've been living Bulletproof for a while now) and my 25OHD is at 172. I should say, I'm doing this protocol for 6 days, with the 7th day being a workout and refeed, because my client really wants to try this out but I don't feel comfortable recommending something I don't have personal experience in (even though the protocol was desgined by Dave).


I entered ketosis for 3 days prior just to make the transition easier.


Day 1 was not too easy but not too difficult either. Looking back, the two mistakes I made were


a) only taking 1 teaspoon glutathione - the reasoning here was I'd go up to the optimal dose.


B) only taking 4 charcoal capsules at a time - and here, didn't want to add constipation to the mix but let's just say things went the other way. This could have been my fault as in being so eager to sleep well I may have taken too much magnesium citrate.


This morning I woke up with the typical detox symptoms; joint pain and general malaise, feeling cold, runny/stuffy nose. So I've upped today's dose of Upgraded Glutathione to 2 tsp, curious to see wether this will reduce symptoms or increase them due to faster detoxification..I will take 8 Upgraded Coconut Charcoal capsules at a time today, and will up my vitamin C to 3g per dose as opposed to the 2g earlier. 


Another 30 min before I get to have my BP coffee, so counting the seconds at this point. Other than that hydration has been high, I'm drinking like a fish (adding a little Himalayan pink salt to every other litre I drink to keep minerals high).


I will keep a daily update as well post protocol thoughts, opinions and outcomes. Please feel free to ask me anything, I will do my best to check-in twice daily.


I wish you all a wonderful morning/evening wherever you are. 


Kind Regards,




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    Day 2 was full of "flu-like symptoms" and my the smell of my sweat changed. I must be detoxing nice and well. I'm looking more and more dense, probably more due to shedding subcutaneous water-weight than fat loss, seeing as I didn't have too much fat to begin with.


    The first two days I was a little cranky (to say the least) but now. I don't miss food, which tells me I'm consuming enough calories from fat and enough BCAA's and Glutamine. In fact, the first 10g serving of glutamine I take gives me a great buzz and a burst of energy, an effect that is far less noticeable when eating normally, but that being said, I take my last serving at night and it doesn't keep me up so I don't mean a stimulant-like buzz.


    Like I said yesterday I did up my charcoal caps to 8 per dose, and the vitC up to 3g per dose.


    The morning of day 3 started with far less feeling ill and 3 teaspoons of Upgraded Glutathione. I'm feeling a bit slow but I went to bed later than usual, and the weather is substantially worse so they could be the reasons for that.


    Most people I tell about what I'm doing right now respond with "what if you lose/you're going to lose so much muscle" well, probably some, but not so much. But a healthy metabolism is a delicate between anabolism and catabolism, and breaking down some muscle in this manner according to Ori Hofmekler actually has profoundly rejuvenating effects on the body (along with the fat loss and detox, of course). So I reply with "it's only muscle, whatever I may lose will come back." Not to mention I'm not a bodybuilder, my main interest is never the most amount of muscle most of the time so I'm not bothered. Another point being if I take enough BCAA and Glutamine in frequent and small doses and if I'm not lacking in fat calories there really is no reason to lose much muscle in 1 week. If you do, and all your intake is on point, I suggest you get your sex hormone levels checked. I think, having read "Lights Out" by TS Wiley & Bent Formby recently, going to sleep as early as possible will keep night time cortisol levels in check; I doubt someone who employs this protocol in sync with the circadian rhythm and someone who does everything by the book but goes to sleep at 3 am will have the same outcomes. It might be worth a try just to compare results, but I sure as hell ain't doin' it.


    Well. That's it for now, time for a Bulletproof Coffee!



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    Days 3 & 4, right, let's get on it!


    Sorry for the delay folks my internet crapped out at my new house along with the 3g on my mobile, good luck eh :) . I look better by the day, abdominal veins are showing now after a few seconds of planking, and I find myself thinking I may go on for another week after the re-feed on sunday. I've been dosing supplements as outlined in day 2, but I have been a little spaced out, a little cranky. It's important however that you realise I live in London and right now is the seasons changing, the sun is nowhere to be seen and it's grey, miserable & raining. To underline this point, my friends, a client, most people have been really, really cranky today also.


    Energy hasn't been amazing, but the night linking day 3 to day 4 my sleep was terrible, mostly my fault, I didn't stick to my usual sleep hygiene routine and not only was it past midnight when I fell asleep I also didn't get more than 6 hours of sleep.


    I don't count calories or macros, but I suspect upping the amount of fat in my two mugs of BP coffee (from here on referred to as BPC), along with perhaps doubling up on both BCAA's and glutamine couldn't hurt and, tomorrow I will track fat intake in grams as well so I'll report that. Also, tomorrow (day 5) I am actually having 4500mg glutathione along with Myer's Infusion (vitamins B complex and C, magnesium and calcium etc) along with 2,000mg of L-Carnitine intravenously administered at 9.30 am - a large delivery was made by the good folks at Upgraded Self but DHL still insists I didn't pay my customs fee, which I did, but I'm not taking any chances. If there are further delays I won't have my parcel until monday, and I've only got enough Upgraded Glutathione for two more days, not three, also IV magnesium is THE most relaxing, calming, soothing thing I've ever known 


    About that magnesium comment could it be some kind of NMDA overflow? No one I've ever met who's done this makes the same claim which makes me wonder even though I always take supplemental magnesium 400-800mg in the form of glycinate and citrate, should I try threonate and taurinate instead.. 


    No stats to report yet, I will get stuff like body fat percentage measured next week though, so ta-ta for now, more updates tomorrow, and once again I'm sorry for the late journaling.


    With love,



  • Days 5 & 6:


    Day 5 was uneventful, sunny weather, good mood; had the aforementioned IV nutrients in the morning before work. Day 6 on the other hand turned into a Tim Ferriss style cheat day, an insane carb binge. I will work out tomorrow to make use of the situation then decide wether or not to do another week of the protocol before starting a mass phase.





  • Robbie -- I just came across this thread and wanted to extend both my thanks and encouragement.  Very interesting and useful reporting.


  • So what happened next? What did you decide to do?

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