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Hi, new member here, I thought I'd log my progress on the RFLD (as I'm starting today) in case anybody else came looking for info in the future. I know previous threads on here like this have been a big help to me as I prepare for this.

Quick background, I'm a 32 year old male living in London, England. My weight has yo-yo'd badly the last 5/6 years. I moved to Prague in 2007 and went from around 240 to 170 through CW and LOTS of cardio. The weight then crept up and up to 200, back down to 170 and then up to 220 this year. I went for a BodPod test just over a month ago and when it came out at 37% body fat I new enough was enough!

I've been flirting with Primal/Paleo for a few years but have been serious about it the last month and had gone from 217 to 204 as of two days ago. . . until this morning when for some reason I'm at 208 (That 'some reason' MIGHT having something to do with having a day of the primal diet on Saturday due to a party image/icon_e_wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';-)' /> ). So it must be water but I'm not bothered given what I'm about to start experimenting with.

I was drawn to BP Exec via a link on Marks Daily Apple, I'm a HUGE coffee drinker so that aspect got me interested initially. The RFL protocol is an interesting challenge and seems to be a good way to kick fat loss into another gear. I have a trip out to LA in mid August and a Beach Holiday in October, so while slow and steady is the sensible approach, I just want to get rid of this gut!

I managed to get everything from the BP-RFLD shopping list, including the upgraded coffee! So I'm all set to go as of today. I'll be strength training once a week (on reefed day) using a Body by Science protocol, cardio will be limited to walking. I'll report in during the week.

Starting stats:

Height - 5' 9"

Weight - 208.1 lbs

Waist - 41.5 Inches

Body Fat - 33.9% *Using Navy Method



  • Good luck man!

    Its not super easy but the result are a good motivator to keep going!

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  • Thanks Leon image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />

    Day one went pretty well, I've done 24 water fasts before so I think that helped with the mental side, as doing it with the BPC is a lot better. No real hunger and the BPC itself is great. The only thing I struggled with was eating butter in the evening, that plus the Magnesium/Potassium just made me feel sick.

    Down 4.2 lbs this morning, so that's all the water weight I'd put on over the weekend gone, plus a little bit more.

  • am considering the RFL later in the summer..am on IF now and am down 18 lbs in just over a month..so am good at the moment.

    good luck..will be keeping an eye on your progress.
  • 3 days complete, hunger was an issue last night but it passed. The coffee certainly makes you feel great during the day, I find I'm way more focused.

    Had to switch to BCAA capsules as the powder is just horrid.

    Weight down to 202.2, so 5.9 down for the three days.

  • Haha, yeah i had the flavourless BCAA powder and it was brutal image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    A pinch of salt used to help me quell my hunger...

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