Been Bp For Months, Body Having Weird Reaction

Hello fellow BP'ers! 


I've been an avid follower of Dave and the forum. I'm seeking some advice because I've been experiencing very un-bulletproof feelings.


For the past 2 weeks I have been dealing with:

  • Indigestion/heart burn/ burping with my BP coffee
  • Bloating/acid reflex and a feeling of emptiness after a hearty BP meal
  • Uncomfortable pains in my forearms/fingers/hands and upper arm (not from exercise or over use)
  • Brain having a sense of pressure on the forehead

What is concerning is I never had any of these problems before I started being BP and never during. If anything, I have been increasing my green zone more and more. I've even went so far to stop drinking alcohol. 




Male: 26

Ht: 5'10

Wt: 140 lbs



Typical Daily Meals:


Breakfast: BP Coffee (1Tbs MCT oil, 2-4Tbs of butter), along with Vit.D, Vit.C, and K2


Lunch: (Soft boiled Eggs, Avocado with veggies) or Grass Fed beef with veggies (lightly steamed)


Dinner: Occasional Grain Fed Beef/Lamb or Grass Fed beef w/ veggies


General Feelings before this recent Episode:


Brain feels great, occasional fog closer to lunch time

IF throughout the week


My Questions:


Is my gut flora messed up? My thyroid out of whack? I love being BP and feeling like this is disheartening...











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