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  • Ice cream is not really my thing so I'm not going to start now.  However I have been eating almond butter bark if I feel I need something and the great thing is I can take it straight out of the freezer.  Here is the link.  I do not add the honey though - it absolutely does not need it.

  • Another great recipe, thanks Karen G! I will be sure to check out that. 


    Cheers for the update on the ice cream Tammybites, I really miss sweet things on this diet, Im not a huge ice cream person either but will be glad of something thats a little bit of comfort food. Husband loves ben and jerrys kind of stuff and he is currently on a health kick so will be interesting to see if he likes the BP ice cream. I might have fecked it up a bit this morning, I forgot to add the water and only did so about 5 mins before the end of churning so it might have turned to ice crystals, will soon see this evening! 

  • Update on the ice cream. I liked it and my husband loved it! He actually asked for seconds so I think that's the best vote of confidence BP icecream will ever get. I didn't tell him about the 'side effects' or the name 'get some' that Dave Asprey attributes to it but he doesn't need it for that in all honesty :) I will stop before I get TMI!
  • Update on the ice cream. I liked it and my husband loved it! He actually asked for seconds so I think that's the best vote of confidence BP icecream will ever get. I didn't tell him about the 'side effects' or the name 'get some' that Dave Asprey attributes to it but he doesn't need it for that in all honesty :) I will stop before I get TMI!

    Hahaha! Love it!
  • Another newb posting.  :grin:  SAHM of 4 (1-8), SW-213 yikes! cw-191. w/pcos. Just started getting serious about losing this weight and getting healthy again about a month ago. started lchf 10/15. did well until a few days ago. had a major cheat meal. It almost threw me out of ketosis but ketostix said trace. I'm day 3 of cycle as well. Anyways, I've been doing the bpc for a week or so now, and I'm trying to get myself into bp IF this week. Monday I forgot and added hwc to my coffee. lol, and today I didn't even think about it and added my collagen to my coffee ! doh! But other than that I *think* I'm doing ok! Feeling sluggish bc of AF, but no cramping like normal this cycle! that was a relief. I joined a different group about lc but most of them- good intentioned- really don't have a clue and it's frustrating when you see everyone giving such bad advice. ykwim? I came here hoping to find a group of ladies who are going through this and are serious about getting healthy and not just making stuff up as they go. I did read through most of the posts here on this thread, so I will try to keep my question's to a min and read back to find answers!!! 

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    I wanted to explain further about why I suggested eliminating coconut sugar, etc. Also, coconut water is great but not very many are "bulletproof." Keep it out of your diet for now. For more on the coconut water industry, you can read:


    In a nutshell, when you introduce something (like coconut sugar) that's going to raise your insulin levels in the morning through the later afternoon, you have either severely impaired or completely shut down your body's fat burning engine. Part of the science behind the BP way of eating is flipping your body's fat burning switch over permanently. When you keep introducing sugars into your system you don't allow your body to learn to burn fat for fuel. So, keep your carbs to late afternoon and evening after an intense workout so the sugar will go to your muscles and not your fat cells. I realize that's a simple explanation but that's the reason why I suggested what I did. Let me know how it goes. Don't worry about your weight. Keep an eye on your bodyfat. Scale weight is arbitrary.

    One way to enjoy coconut water without the natural sugars found in it, is to ferment it.  You need to start with extremely clean glass bottles...I use empty Perrier water bottles that no one has drank directly out of.  Crack open a young coconut and pour the liquid into a measuring cup.  This makes it easier to get it all in the bottle.  Leave a tiny bit of room to add some Braggs ACV.  1 teaspoon will do for a 16oz bottle.  Cap it tightly and don't leave much air space.  Place in a warm room for four days to six days.  Test it out for carbonation by pouring a shot glass.  Once you've got a good one going, all you need to do is pour off what you want to drink and then top it up with more coconut water.  I try not to disturb the milky substance that forms on the bottom when pouring.  That way you will have a good strong starter to brew the next batch!  As long as you don't contaminate your bottle you can just keep refilling.  Keep it in the fridge after the four to six days.  If it turns pink, don't drink it.  I call it Coconut Champagne and it will taste a little vinegary.  I do believe it's a wonderful source of potassium, therefore I drink a glass late afternoon or into the evening. 

  • Welcome mamalucas, hope we can help as much as possible, most of us are new to the whole BP diet as far as I can tell. I've learned a lot to date and still learning!

  • I started about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was intrigued by the idea of better sleep, mental acuity and weight loss without hunger.   I have gained 2+ pounds since I started this. I am experiencing better sleep but no change in mental focus, though this was never a problem for me.


    I ate a low carb diet before; if I ate bread it was sprouted grain bread, otherwise no grains etc. I am eating organic vegetables and grass feed meats.  Avoiding things on the red side. I am not obsessively counting anything except the occasional glass of wine; a glass of chardonnay every four days or so. The bulletproof coffee does not kill my appetite.  I am frustrated!


    I am 59 years old and work in a high stress job, I guess we all do.  I am wondering if anyone has had weight gain issues on this diet? Rapid Fat Loss protocol; what is that? I have the 10 pounds to lose syndrome; I lost it a few years ago, but it crept back. I am stalled and frustrated and losing and gaining the same three pounds for a few years. Now I am even HIGHER!


    Help anyone?

    I have bounced around up 2 or so and down weight loss since I started. I am 51 and sounds like we are having the same experience! I hope whatever the switch is that will help us can be determined with the help of the experts here. Best of health to you!

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    Hey, EarthCharm -

    I did not have a problem with reflux, but I've read in several posts that taking Betaine HCL helps with this --

    hope this is helpful!!

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    I haven't tried the ice cream yet - but when my sweet tooth aches, this is what I've made:


    1/2 bar Lindt 90% cocoa choc bar

    1 tb ghee

    1 tb raw honey

    2 packets Stevia

    1/2 c unsweetened shredded coconut


    mix 1st 4 ingredients in a sauce pan over low heat - when melted, slowly add in the coconut.  YUMMY! 

    In my old life, I'd have eaten it all.  Now I eat about 4 teaspoons and I'm satisfied ! 

  • Hello, day 5 on bp 2 week weight loss. Day 1 lost 4# and day 2 lost 1# then next 3 days gained back 3.5#. I added collagen to bp coffee on day 3. Can that cause the weight gain? And I'm starving by 4pm and ravenous by dinner and crave fruit after dinner. Each day the scale goes up my willpower goes down. Any suggestions?

    Breakfast 7am

    Lipase - before every meal because no galbladder

    Bp coffee w 2T Kerry gold, 1Tmct, 1Tcollagen

    2T probiotic

    11am- 2nd bp coffee w mct &kerry gold no collagen but I'm starving. Bp definitely helps get thru to lunch

    Lunch-lipase 1:30 -2 very hungry

    Green salad with lemon juice and Bragg cider vinegar, melted Kerry gold

    Gfed chicken Bone broth soup or pole caught tuna

    2t probiotic

    4pm- starving watching clock to start dinner by 5-5:30

    Dinner-lipase-feel ravenous

    Gfed beef, pork or cod

    Organic veggies w Kerry gold

    Organic rice or organic sweet potatoe

    2t probiotic

    1t MCT with water at night

    *day 2&3 had fruit but quit that on day 4 after gains

    Stats-Female age 55, no gallbladder, no mense, 50# overweight, plilates reformer 1hr per week

    So far-No digestive issues, Sleeping great, skin feels great but I'm hungry a lot.

    Note- Currently on antibiotic for sinus infection.

    Supplements as per my anti aging doc



    B-12 injections for DNA defect take daily

    Optimized folate


    2oz aloe vera

    2T acv

    Algae omega



    Metformin low dose she said to help with weight loss sugar borderline.
  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    I have just started week 3 of BPD.  I lost 6.5 pounds the first week, then 1 pound week 2.  I blew it out on Christmas day - and I gained back the 1 pound. 

    I've been heavy all my adult life.  I had really great success on Tim Ferriss's SCD (Slow Carb Diet), but gained 25 pounds when I was put on a cholesterol drug.  I have not lost that 25 pounds yet, and the Slow Carb Diet stopped working for me.  I am also 54 years old, and while I could ALWAYS lose weight in the past, that's where it is now, in the past.  I cannot lose weight now, and its driving me mad!  I retired last year, and I work part time (travelling job) and I want to be rid of this damn weight once and for all, and party like a rock star now that I'm retired!  (not the food, booze and drugs, just the fun!)

    I have 70 pounds to lose.  I was going to start on the RFLP (Rapid Fat Loss Protocol) yesterday, but realized I didn't have all the necessary supplements to start.  So when they arrive, I will try it.  I have a 3 week job coming up in January, and it would be PERFECT to try then.  I want to try it ahead of time, though, in case I don't feel good on it. 

    Anyway -- its nice to have a forum with other women.  Mens bodies are SO different from ours!  I like to hear from everyone, tho, and it looks like a few guys have chimed in.


    The only problem I'm having on this plan is that I am NOT hungry.  I eat once a day, always in the green zone.  I will say this:  I DO occasionally use my microwave.  I try not to often, but sometimes its just the only way to go.   That's my story - thanks for sharing yours !!!!

  • Anybody gain weight while on 1st week bp diet? I'm gaining .5# a day since day 3 and I've not deviated from plan. Lost 5# first two days. And gained back 3# in the next three days. I'm stumped and discouraged.

    Any advice?
  • Also just received bp MCT and it gives me serious heartburn, did not experience that with Barlaens MCT. I take lipase before and probiotic feels like its stuck in my throat. Is it to strong for me?
  • Hi Ginal, I know that it takes folks a bit to get used to MCT, but if you used to use another one that didn't bother you, maybe go back to the Barleans?


    Re the weight fluctuations: I know this is hard if you're really worried about the scale #, but I would advise putting the d--n thing away for a while and just notice how you feel and how you look (and sleep, etc). Following every 1/2 lb up or down will make you nuts! And it's just not a good measure of health, especially as you adjust to a new way of eating. After 6 weeks or so see where you are (mostly in terms of how you feel, sleep, etc plus maybe weight) and then folks on the forum can help you tweak your plan.

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