Rice And Sweet Potato Can Someone Help Me A Bit?



I've been really trying to keep my diet as BP as possible.


I eat a lot of salads and green leafy vegetables in the green zone


and lots of grass fed beef


only thing is this diet is boring as hell


and i dont have the money or time to get really creative with my cooking


I have been experimenting with adding white rice to my diet under the recommendation of Dr Mercola who posted videos like this, that seems to say eating white rice from time  to time is helpful.



OK now what is the case for and against rice in the bulletproof diet? I have been hearing many conflicting things in this forum?


and also


what is a suitable amount of rice to eat in a meal?


taking into consideration I intend to be working out every day pretty soon.


I was thinking of adding 1 or 2 cups to my salad a few times a week?


do I need more or less? what exactly is this carb doing to me?


I hear Dave say have white rice sometimes to replenish my starches and soothe my adrenals and build polysaccharides


How much rice is too much?


why is it bad?


How much should I have per week?


and also


how much sweet potato to have per week?


and how much should I consume in my main meal?


Like one cup or 2 cups?


whats a good amount.?


also I only eat grass fed beef now


no chicken or bacon or anything.


but I dont eat it everyday cause I feel my body does not need it everyday


whats something else i can eat to get a decent amount of good stuff during a meal.


I was thinking of cooking tempeh more often


is tempeh ok?


help me out here please, smart people?


I'm only getting started on this, and i'm really not educated enough about it all


i'm just trying to get the best diet I can


with a bit of variation


and leave it about 90% bulletproof


and lose weight


thanks so much




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