Upgraded Water? Vi-Aqua

So i came across an article today in New Scientist Magazine that talks about a new Irish Technology called Vi Aqua, that apparently creates 'radio wave energised water' to massively increase the output of vegetables and fruit (by up to 30%), whilst being Organic and making the need for pesticides, fertilisers and GMOs obsolete - the produce is apparently 'largely disease resistant'. 

 In plants it apparently increases the natural immune system, enhancing root activity ad stimulating the process of photosynthesis, therefore increasing the absorption of CO2 from the air - so very environmentally friendly. In animals it is claimed that it sanitises the immune system enhancing metabolic efficiency, consequentially controlling the intestinal fermentation and reducing the production of methane and ammonia. They also say it has been proven free of any negative effects on peoples health, but it is not advisable to drink electronically treated water as it could have adverse effects on active ingredients in medicine. 


When i first read about this new technology it all seemed rather too good to be true, and i can't work out if its the next best thing or a load of bull...


Anyone got any thoughts?





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