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So i came across an article today in New Scientist Magazine that talks about a new Irish Technology called Vi Aqua, that apparently creates 'radio wave energised water' to massively increase the output of vegetables and fruit (by up to 30%), whilst being Organic and making the need for pesticides, fertilisers and GMOs obsolete - the produce is apparently 'largely disease resistant'. 

 In plants it apparently increases the natural immune system, enhancing root activity ad stimulating the process of photosynthesis, therefore increasing the absorption of CO2 from the air - so very environmentally friendly. In animals it is claimed that it sanitises the immune system enhancing metabolic efficiency, consequentially controlling the intestinal fermentation and reducing the production of methane and ammonia. They also say it has been proven free of any negative effects on peoples health, but it is not advisable to drink electronically treated water as it could have adverse effects on active ingredients in medicine. 


When i first read about this new technology it all seemed rather too good to be true, and i can't work out if its the next best thing or a load of bull...


Anyone got any thoughts?





  • From reading their site and some of the links (Zeta Potential) it seems like this is not BS. Works by modifying the charge around particles suspended in water and make suspensions/colloidal solutions more stable (i.e. less likely to fall out of suspension and coagulate). I guess that this could change the efficacy of medicines (maybe they work more effectively or become equivalent  to a higher effective dose?) and who knows what else in the human body? No trials on humans mentioned. You want to go first?


    Absorbs C02 from the air - hopefully thats the same or greater amount of CO2 that they produced generating the electricty to energise the water?

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    i remain skeptical of "energized""magnified""ionized""resonance" anything, i dont understand the science so until its got some results im just going to assume they are throwing around big words to seem scientific.


    i did find this if anyone wants some anti-water-pseudoscience reading, www.chem1.com/CQ/gallery.html

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    Sounds cool but your fruit and vegetables are only as good as your soil. 

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions Consultwithrod@live.com 

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    Cool story, bro.

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • http://m.jap.physiology.org/content/114/12/1736.abstract  Oral consumption of electrokinetically modified water attenuates muscle damage and improves postexercise recovery


    Lol, people have to stop dismissing this kind of stuff.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItsSYwTSnTY watch this and decline that water is anything other than just as alive as us. Vortex water has been used to treat diseases for a long time. Ray Kurzweil drinks these kinds of 'out there' water and swears by it. I can post a bunch of other stuff, too, about just how important AND fascinating water is. Gilbert Ling, Gerald Pollack, Viktor Schauberger, and Walter Drost-Hansen all have amazing work on water.



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    Summary of University of Washington professor Dr. Gerald Pollack's work.  http://faculty.washington.edu/ghp/uploads/T%20R01%20research%20strategy%202013%20final%20formatted.pdf


    Pollack's Lab http://faculty.washington.edu/ghp/


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