Glutathione Force + Nac + R-Ala = Worthwhile? (And Regarding Cycling Them)

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It seems my Glutathione force has finally been shipped, but as I'm doing NAC + R-ALA at the moment, do you guys think it would be unnecessary (or even bad in some way, except for the wallet) to continue taking them, or could it be worthwhile to do them all?


And regarding cycling the above, in some thread John Brisson wrote that "NAC and R Lipoic Acid should be taken for 3 weeks out of a month for 3 months maximum, 3 times a year.". Could someone elaborate on why this is, and should it also be cycled so that one is off of it 1-2 days a week on the weeks one takes it or is that unnecessary then?


And finally should the Glutathione force also be cycled?


Any information or thoughts or links to relevant data would be appreciated. Thanks and sorry for being a lazy ass not researching this thoroughly myself.


  • I wouldn't bother with the NAC, your getting plenty of cysteine/glutathione with the force.

    ALA is pretty awesome though, has some other unique properties. I'm on my mobile atm so can't provide links but you'll find plenty on PubMed on its neuroprotective properties. Also AMPK activation.

    I don't see any reason why you would need to cycle. Your redox sensitive enzymes and transcription factors keep it all tightly controlled.
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