Dry Peeling Lips Also Skin In General.

The skin on my lips peels all the time. Any supplement suggestions or lip products suggestion? I need to find a face lotion as well.


  • Dr Naylor's teat dilator cream works like magic on lips. It's a tip I picked up from the daughter of a dairy farmer who used the stuff all her life.  http://www.drnaylor.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=22&Itemid=53   


    If you've got dry skin you may have a thyroid problem. It's a sign that all is not optimal on the inside. In the short term use coconut oil on the skin.

  • That's interesting I'll give it a try.
  • KevinTran you could need more B Vitamins as dry lips can be a symptom of B deficiency.
  • Have you tried putting organic cold pressed coconut oil onto your skin? It definitely helps with my own (I need to do more of it!)


    Winter time is bad for me, especially if I'm out in the prairies / places where it gets cold and dry. When I'm on the west coast (where it's a bit more moist), then my body is totally fine. I've literally seen night and day changes with my skin when travelling. Earlier this year I spent a month'ish in Manitoba (during late Jan to mid'ish Feb), and my skin was super cracked, dry and bleeding. I jumped on a plane over to BC, and within less than a week'ish, my skin was healed, moist and soft. 


    If you're in a cold dry area, that weather/temp could be the cause of the dry skin.

  • I find shea butter a little less greasy and waterproof.  It's thick until you warm it up in your hands before trying to spread.  A little goes a long way.

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