Update, On My Approach

So far, now its been well today is 8th day and yesterday was my 7 day weigh in so i bounced up a pound from eating 2900-3000 calories day before


so it was like


went down 3lbs then yesterday up 1 and now back down the 1 today. :)


so far been eating 2600-3000


5 meals a day about.


My only struggle today is I wondering to eat more fat of some sort or not, only because i'm getting hungry fast. I ended my veggies yesterday had only 2 servings left and now having non doing a plain meat and fat diet. I don't want to eat too much protein then I am, However how else can I go and approach this? eat more fatty meats and up my protein a bit or just up my fat intake?


I've finally am having kerry gold, and was wondering if I did change my fat intake to more butter like cook in more butter drench my small meals with loads butter to hold me over even if I pass the 3000 mark would it be a postive way to go?  or do I just up the protein and eat a large piece of food? 


my carbs won't be dipping to low cause of my avocados I eat, and I still have some cheese for salt reasons and flavor

4year aged cheddar.. sortof hooked to the taste but have it like 1oz or less a day so not much is used.



What do you think do I add more fat or more protien..


right now my protein seems to be at a 150-160 grams a day which i normally eat alot even tho my weight is like 2/3's or less then that amount so i'm taking in alot more then 1.5 which if I did it right would be 130-140 about


However I seem to be doing well with more then less. I just want to make sure I choose the right approach if it be fat add more fat or more protein.



a typical mini meal may be 4oz pork pasture, or ground beef grassfed with butter 1tblspoon and half an avocado. use to have like veggies but now just that. would this be best to just load up on like more butter or a whole avocado or both lol.. or just up more protein like 6-8oz per dish ......thanks



  • ok i gave in had like 6oz as my last meal and felt good of pork it was rest of the loin had left.


    so now todays high of 166 not to bad.


    I do want to plan well tomorrow its mainly like if I ate my 5 meals and added more eggs or maybe pork instead 4oz i'd be fuller till next small meal.  but I guess need fig what to do.  the one issue i have is fat doesn't really fill me. and I could feel nausea if eating like a stick butter or 12oz heavy cream oo you what does the filling ill effect having 4oz of cream cheese ..


    but keeping grass fed and all.. I do like kerry gold but do have some non grassfed still left.. what do you guys/gals think if I take that butter to lightly toss the meat in the pan with or just add in the bowl as is or in a coffee lol with my meal till its done while still using kerry gold


    so sortof 50/50 grassfed butter to non .. would that be ok too. and would that be bad for adding in my calories. sure will take me higher then I am eating with all that fat.

    would be like having 10servings of butter a day if do like 2 tblspoons per meal.


    You know one thing might sound odd but a butter broth soup. taking loads butter and made in homemade boiled meat water( the broth) and salt and warm creamy rich, best with meat pieces left in it lol


    any ways


    from anyones experience .. do you feel I should just keep protein where it is. and up my fat in every meal either butter/avocados to feel satisfy or add a little bit more meat/eggs to my dishes?





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