New Food Sensitivity Blood Test Via Mail.

Oxford Biomedical Technologies has a website where you can sign up for a full food sensitivity blood test. They list on the site all the different food sensitivities that they test your blood for. They go into detail about all the different ways that they test your blood to find out what foods might be bothering you. It's kind of like Wellness FX, except for food sensitivities only. There are three different tiers and price points. Anyone heard of this or know anyone that did it? I'm thinking of doing it and reporting back here.

Massachusetts Bulletproof Resources! (Local BP resources for food/vitamins, meditation, bio-hacking/tech-centers, etc.)

If you know of a local resource that I haven't listed, or have a warning for known local health scams or bad "BP" businesses, please PM me.

If it's a good resource, I'll add it to the master-list (I was inspired by suntoucher & Ron Swanson.)

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