Minimizing Toxin Damage

Hey I work at a waste transfer facility. Im exposed to an orange smelling chemical sprayed from the ceiling to keep the smell down. I looked it up and it sais mild irritant, but i constantly get it on my skin, and in my eyes or mouth if I look up at the wrong time. Also there is tons of dust constantly in the air. A magnetic sign fell into some water recently and came up covered in metal dust... Ive started using a reusable mask at all times but I feel the damage is done. And to top it off the building is about 150 yards from 5 rows of high voltage power lines. I believe cell phone radiation would be insignificant compared to the radiation from these power line.

I feel like I am starting to loose my energy and I can't wake up fully energized recently. Do you have any ideas or suggestion. I started taking kelp for the iodine to help with the radiation. Im gonna look for activated charcoal too. Should I be looking for a detox product? I only have to work here for another month and a bit so I just want to manage the damage that is being done.




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