How Long Does Activated Charcoal Last?

I'm trying the activated charcoal and I have heard Dave saying that you should take it a few hours after any medication or supplements to let them get through your system and not be absorbed by the charcoal.  Does anyone know how long AFTER you take the charcoal you can take a supplement (for example)?  In other words, how long does the charcoal itself stay in your system absorbing stuff?  - Thanks


  • I'd leave at least 2hrs between eating anything bulletproof that you want in your body. Take it preferably just before eating anything non-bulletproof that you don't want in you.


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    It stays in there until you poo it out. If there's room on the charcoal for anything that is attracted to it, it will adsorb at any point on its journey from your mouth to the toilet bowl.

  • Say that you take charcoal before bed or during the night with a couple glasses of water. Could you be more or less sure that the coast is clear in the morning for some supplements before breakfast (like glutathione), or could it be beneficial to drink water first and wait for a while to clear out any residues of charcoal from the stomach?

  • I'm not super familiar with Activated Charcoal, but with regards to your question, Odi, it's USUALLY a great idea to drink down water first thing in the morning, before putting anything else into your body. That also gets things flowing. Perhaps doing a salt water flush before getting out of bed + some extra water a bit after, then glutathione?

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