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Again, not a spam post ;-)


Has anyone had any experience in developing smartphone apps? It seems to be a good way to generate some extra cash on the side since these devices are taking over the world. I may be 5 years too late on this :-D


I know how to code in a few languages but I'm a bit rusty.


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    We have some things in common sir Steven Baker! lol I'm super rusty but did download apples SDK and was going to go full blown years ago but never did. That was a big mistake! When a 14 yr old made like 100k from making a periodic table app, I kicked myself hard! 

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    "14 yr old made like 100k from making a periodic table app, I kicked myself hard!"



    I know what you mean. I'm always coming up with ideas that I think are awesome only to find that someone else has already done it. Or seeing something and thinking "ohhhh why didn't I think of that?!" haha


    Time to get the dev kit and play around with it I think!!

  • Me too... been in the Apple dev program for a few years with an app perpetually half finished. It's tough to get to shipping, but it's a nice language and environment. 

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    Let me know when you boys are up to date on app programming. I'll give you some ideas. :)

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  • I've made a few before for some clients (I do marketing).  I usually leveraged contractors off of oDesk & Freelancer.  You have to write up a very good requirements statement and look for developers with good feedback and a long history.


    But it cost me about $3-$500 per app.  I was having them developed for local businesses.  The clients needed to pay some $$ for an actual Apple Developer account ($97-$197 a year?).



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  • Great read there Stevo. Very interesting. Sounds easier than I originally thought to make an app.I am sure there are more hurdles than he mentioned but he at least lays a solid foundation to set people in the right direction.

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    It sure is a great read! But! Last night I did a little bit of digging...


    While I'm certain that the information in the article is correct from an app making standpoint, there are a few problems with this Chad fellow:

    1. the two apps mentioned in the article (his versions of emoji and fingerprint security) are no longer available on iTunes.

    2. the Empire Apps company website has been disabled.

    3. the other two companies he mentioned are nowhere to be found (from what I can find anyway).

    4. of the 46 apps he mentioned, I can only find about 15 (by Empire Apps) remaining on iTunes.

    5. he has a book to sell and a large presence online, but there is barely any mention of an actual app he has made.

    6. a lot of amazon reviews say that the book is a lot of self-promotion and fluff.

    7. in an interview, he mentioned he moved on from the app business because of "all the work" in updating etc. so he cashed up and moved on to other things.


    It seems to me that if you can make $6m from apps and you know Tim Ferriss, you might sort out some kind of VA to do "all the work" for you. So he looks to me like he's made a bunch of token apps, put them online, written about it, got out of the app business quicksmart with some money and now is making a living off telling people about the app business.


    So, in all, I'm a bit pissed off at Ferriss (I tweeted him asking about it) for promoting what seems to just be another online marketer. On the positive side, I can't see how the above article's content can be incorrect in what it says to do. I'd just take it all with a grain of (himalayan) salt.

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    I'm currently looking for an developer to build an iPhone app in exchange for equity (50% of sales). Every aspect is covered except the coding and UI design.


    The app itself is very simple and should take 1 week to launch if they're good and can devote 2-3 hours a day. Message me to talk details!

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  • App programming is no different today than web creation, there are so many of them, just having an app doesn't mean you will get much luck getting it sold.


    The amount of apps in the app market is overwhelming, and you need a really big budget to get it going

  • I'm 15, and I'm looking to start a business. Is app development worth it? From what you guys are saying, it sounds kinda pointless and difficult to break into. I'm trying to get good at blogging too, as I've read that Steve Pavlina makes a load of money from his. If you could take a moment, could you give me some feedback on my blog please?
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    Been an avid programmer since I was a teen. If you're interested in quick and dirty apps focusing on making money definitely have to check out It's free among other benefits and it's truly amazing how simple they've made it.

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    Is it possible to submit an iPhone app without owning a Mac?

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