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I am somewhat of a newb when it comes to websites - but the judo club I am part of would like to optimise their site for more visibility. I don't frequent any forums besides this one, and there seem to be some pretty tuned in people on here so I thought I would ask if anyone has any resources or advice as to how one can best optomise a site (if possible) for search engines.



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    Its a tough one. Google have just made a few security changes which have had a huge impact on the whole SEO world.


    I posted a similar topic here:

    Read the link in the OP, there are some good step by step guides to improving your Google rank. Its a little old and I'm not sure how the new changes will affect whether or not it works!

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    Extra points for naming that throw :-D
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    Looks like hari ogoshi.  See how tori pulls up on uke's right arm at the end of the throw?  If you take care of your training partners, you will never run out of people to train with!

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  • What is that guy's deal?  This is not the first time he has done this.

  • this is really cool. both the Judo and the SEO link. both the thing actually i enjoy. looking forward to have some mine Judo style too.

  • Extra points for naming that throw :grin:

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    I was in a seminar the other day for this very topic. I was told that search engines don't index websites as a whole. They index web pages individually. So a search engine looks at each one of the pages on your site as if it were it's own website. Therefor, making each and every page on your site as visible as possible to search engines is just as important as making your landing page/homepage visible.


    I was also told that search engines are programmed to treat the information towards the top of each page as more important for indexing than the info at the middle and bottom of each page. Therefor, put the information that is the most relevant about your business at the top, i.e. your business name, the specific town(s) and state in which you operate, and what it is exactly that your business does.


    A great way to make your pages more visible to search engines is to have back-links. That is, the more that other websites link to you from their website, the more visible you become and the higher your index will be. For example, for my real estate business, I have my own personal web page, let's call it Phil' In order to make that website more visible to search engines, I put a link to Phil' on my twitter page, my LinkedIn page, and a few of my other real estate profiles on other 3rd party websites. The more that other websites around the internet have links to Phil', the more visible I will become. So, maybe a good thing for your Judo club would be to network with other Judo clubs that are far enough outside your geographical location, that having you plug each other wouldn't effect each other's clientele. If you are in town "X" become friendly with other clubs that are at least 30-40 minutes away, and have each other put links to each other's club on your websites, therefor giving each other more visibility on the search engines, but not giving away more visibility to closer clubs that might have a negative effect on your club/business. Also, make friends with owners of local gyms, yoga centers and other health clubs that have nothing to do with Judo, so that you can all plug each other with links on your websites, give each other more visibility on search engines, but since you are different specific businesses in a similar very general field (health), you aren't negatively impacting your own future client-base. Hell, it even works if you have people with websites that have nothing to do with health at all give you a link on their website. If you're grandma has a website for her knitting club, have her throw up a link to your Judo club on her "friends of" or "links" page. As I understand it, all that counts in this specific situation is to have as many other websites out there on the internet linking back to your page, and that is one great way to increase visibility.

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