Magnesiummy Popsicles

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Magnesiummy Popsicles

from 'Train Hard/Fight Easy' magazine (issue 36)




Pretty sure we can adjust a little to make more bulletproof. A few people with more knowledge than me could probably help here more, but......


I'd swap the following:

Peanut Butter > Almond or Cashew Butter

Banana > Avocado


Not sure the banana needs swapping depending on your carb needs and how well the avocado will taste. Also a good use of non-ripe avocados. And the peanut butter is only a cost issue if you wanna make them cheap and can't afford the more expensive butters. Obviously peanuts aren't very bulletproof.


Personally I won't be making or eating these, as I don't have a need for snacks or deserts as I've tighten up my diet to not need them. Just though others might like the idea if they can be considered bulletproof enough.


MMA Fighter


SUCCESS: A lot of little things done well


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