Parent Of New Twins, Looking For Suggestions For Hacks To Survive The Next Few Months

Greetings All,


I'm new to BP, not so new to Paleo or Low-carb diets.  I started taking a more quantified loot at myself and my fitness in April and have seen some great improvements in my health.  I discovered the BPE and the BP Forums and have been trolling for a while and I'm ready to jump in.


I'm on board with the coffee, but still tweaking my supplement stack and diet.  That will take some time.  I had been tracking my sleep until recently and seeing improvements there as well.  However, 5 weeks ago my wife gave birth to two identical twin boys.  They are fantastic, but my sleep since then, is not and it's taking a toll, particularly now that I am back at work.


These are our 2nd and 3rd children, so we've been down this road with one before, but two at the same time is more like an exponential increase than a doubling of the effort.


We are still getting only 2-3 hour stretches at a time, sometimes less.  Often I'm going to work on 4-4.5 hours of sleep.  Not enough.  The BP coffee helps and I do still hit the gym twice a week which also helps, but limit my workout to 30min because I just can't get good recovery/sleep time right now for a longer workout.  I generally can squeeze in a 20-30min walk on most other days, or I go chase my daughter around a playground.


I try to do BP IF once or twice a week, but not more because of the other stress I'm putting on my body right now due to lack of sleep, but it also feels good and it helps me focus on those mornings.  I try to get MCT oil into my diet every day somewhere besides BP coffee to, because I find that it helps clear the brain fog.


I realize that this is a temporary condition, I will sleep again, eventually, but I've got some projects coming up at work that I will need to perform on, so I'm looking for suggestions to get me through the next few months and minimize the damage from lack of sleep, while helping me maintain focus and keep my performance up.


Is there anything else that I can do?  Am I on the right track?  I've heard that overall stress can induce adrenal fatigue, so should I be taking something to counteract or mitigate that?


As far as sleep goes, I have not tried any real sleep hacks because I'm concerned about taking anything to help me sleep better because I need to be able to wake up quickly so as not to strand my wife with 2 crying babies in the middle of the night.


In general, I feel pretty good, all things considered, but if there is something that I can change to make this period of sleep deprivation better or smoother, that would be great.  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.  Sorry if this post rambles a bit.


Oh, this may help, I take:







Coconut Oil (Capsule)

Omega 3 (Cod Liver Oil with natural A&D)

B Complex


I've recently added:



Activated Charcoal







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    First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!  Secondly, my condolences.  ;)

    Nearly 21 years ago, the stork delivered identical twin boys (I was 20 at the time) and honestly, due to the lack of sleep and the stress, I remember very little of that period. They suffered from colic, they never slept at the same time, I worked nights back then, and my wife at the time had some major health issues, so I truly understand your predicament.


    My wife and I just recently had yet another baby and I found a parenting hack that has truly helped us.

    Baby language....  There are 5 cries ("words") infants 0-12 weeks use that tell you what they are crying about. These sounds are not specific to country of origin, race, or gender. All babies in this time period use the same sounds in their cries so you can know just what they want right away. Sounds odd, sure, but it has made a huge difference for us.


    For example, one "word" is "Na"...  It's the infant word for "I'm Hungry" and you can tell when they cry the tongue makes a slight n, or ng sound when meeting the roof of the mouth. This comes from adding the sucking reflex to the cry.


    Check out the "Dunston Baby Language" videos on the YouTubez. If you look hard enough, you can get all 5 "words" and their meanings without having to buy the program.



    One more hack, if they are colicky or having trouble settling down, is to run the vacuum cleaner. They just calm down like magic. It worked wonders with the twins.


    Sometimes, a little external hacking can be a life-saver.



    Best of luck!!

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  • I'm in the same boat twins on the way. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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