Anti-Estrogenic Tactics

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Hi there,

I've started a paleo diet a year ago, and in the past 2 months i've been diving into the BProof insights, which are totally an improvemente from standart Paleo.

I'm currently living under my parents, and it is hard to reach control over the food shopping and preparation. In spite of that, i buy from my own pocket( in the same fashion as the Bulletproof intern apparently) grass fed veal offal- kidneys, liver, tongue, heart- which is always my lunch(i have 2 meals a day) and wild caught fish( dumped my fish oil recently, and just eat 1-2 pounds of sardines or mackerel weekly, other times some whitefish or atlantic cod. Local organic eggs are the only ones that enters the fridge door two, since 4 months ago.

These are my main protein sources, since i aim to get 150-60gr of protein a day(178lbs, 5,9,~13%BF), and maybe 100-120gr of that goal is obtained from these sources. Unfortunately, i have to eat some lean pork, chicken breast or turkey breast from convecoinal sources.

I live in Portugal, in Europe, and the farming laws here are quite diffrent from the US, and some food aditives and hormones and antibiotics are simply forbidden. The overall quality-apparently. is not so bad as the CAFO production back there in the States.

However, i'd like to collect some anti-estrogenic tactics you guys could offer. I already take some activated charcoal with every meal that contains conventional pork/chicken, asweel as skipping on the fat and choosing the leanest cuts possible i can get.

Could you recomend some supplements/ foods/tactics that block or reduces the possible soy cross contamination from these sources?



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