"Bed Spins" - Bumpy Transition???

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I have slowly been making a transition from a raw vegan to vegetarian to a more paleo style diet. Over the past couple of days I have experienced "bed spins" when turning over quickly in bed. I am scheduled to see my doctor, but wondered if anyone had a clue as to what may be causing this. My thoughts are it has something to do with my blood pressure being too low.

I have been averaging 70% fats, 20% carbs, 10% protein over the past month.

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  • Hey Tchazzard:

    This is a cool and random question, and the best answer will come from your primary physician because you need a complete physical exam.

    Chances are you might have some problems with the vestubular part of your cranial nerve 8, which is related to sensing position. I will give you here a link with brief info of a possible benign cause so you can read: http://drviirre.ucsd.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=71

    Hope that helped some, wish the best for your health, and congrats in slowly making the switch to a more carnivore lifestyle which tastes better!


    clownfish :)
  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    If it is dietary, I always advise eating, Spinach, Lots of Beef and Liver, and Egg Yolks... those four items will give you pretty much everything you need in terms of essential vitamins and minerals... more meat and all will be well :) ... if it's not dietary... GOOD LUCK!
  • I used to get the Bed Spins all the time but haven't for a couple of years now. I never did quite figure it out exactly but I think (at least for me) it had something to do with the air (and probably dust) coming through the air HVAC vents. It always seemed to occur in the winter when the Heat was blasting all night or during the really hot summer months when I had the air conditioning cranking. It could be just coincidence but I had the air ducts cleaned several years ago and I haven't had the bed spins since. I know that has nothing to do with diet but thought it might help. I know exactly what you're talking about and it's the worst! You turn over and the whole room starts spinning, then you can't sleep and for me it would last an entire day or two which made driving to work and doing normal things like walking a straight line really difficult.
  • tchazzardtchazzard The Human Optimization Project
    Thanks Tim. I saw my primary physician yesterday. They confirmed that it was due to BPPV and that this can be caused by a myriad of things, including small particulate matter ("stones") and fluid backup. It seems to be lessening and hopefully will not come back any time soon.

    As a side note, although not diet related, my doctor mentioned that a significant change in salt intake may trigger BPPV, but they did not this was not proven, but merely a hypothesis.
  • Ah yes, my sister also has suffered from this issue as well and now that you mention it, I remember she told me her Doctor said it had something to do with crystals or particles in the ear canal that become loose and throw off balance. Sounds like it's still relatively confusing territory for the medical field to nail down though. I hope it ends soon and never comes back, I know how much of a pain that is!
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