Autoimmune Condition - Toxin Elimination And Supplementation

This question is around activated charcoal usage, chlorella, and supplementation.


I am a 27 year old active women diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2.5 years ago.  Have remained in remission for 2 years but on a medication thanks to huge dietary changes


I do a lot of research on pathophysiology of Rheumatoid, Pharmokinetics of medication I am on, supplementation, women hormones, etc.  I am a firm believer in gut issues and the impact on chronic disease.  Please note I am gluten and dairy free :) as an active health choice.  I monitor myself extremely well and am trying to upgrade myself and I experiment a lot.


I am having a few issues with a few niggles and aches that don't stop me doing anything they are just annoying me and I need to get them sorted.


I have just received my Upgraded Charcoal, Chlorella powder and Primal Defense Probiotic capules.  After thinking I realised I have no idea of times to take so that I can get the most out of all!


I am planning to take Activated Charcoal to assist me with eliminating toxins that I am struggling to eliminate and want to reduce workload on my liver - long term I would like to continue this also.  I have planned the days I will take it around the elimination of my medication based on research.


I am planning to take Chlorella and the probiotic to kick start my gut as its taken a hit recently due to a few things and then cease use of chlorella due to its high iron content but continue with daily probiotic.  I am also going to increase my glutamine to 80mg for 3-5 days and then cut back to 20-40g.


My questions are :

1. Can you take Activated Charcoal and Chlorella at the same time?

    if not, when is the best time to take them both? I know they are both toxin eliminators but they

    serve different purposes for me

2. How long should I take Chlorella for - I have planned to take it for a month and then cease?

3. How long a time gap should there be between charcoal, chlorella and taking supplements?

    I currently take (before adding in extra above)

    AM : vitamin C, Vitamin D, glucosamine, hydrolysed collagen, digestive enzyme pre food,


    Lunch : glutamine, digestive enzyme pre food

    PM: vitamin C, krill oil, glucosamine, hydrolysed collage, digestive enzyme pre food, glutamin



Thanks in advance




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