Bulletproof Education In A Uk School (Speaker?)

I'm wondering if there's anyone here from the UK that would be interested in/willing to come in to a school to speak/present about bulletproof ideas/biohacking to secondary school kids? Or if anyone has experience with pedagogy (science of teaching) and/or would be interested in developing something to present to secondary kids, please get in touch! It would be great to discuss some ideas.



I'm part of the 'STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in the classroom' team for the school I work for and have the opportunity to organise a day event or after school club sessions for secondary school kids with a 'nutrition for performance' theme (or 'biohacking' etc.. it's not set in stone). I'm only 6 months in to my BP lifestyle and I still feel overloaded with technical information, but I'm slowly catching up. Dave talks to us with the assumption that we can control most of the factors of our lifestyle but school children aren't as 'free' in choice as 'us', and also have different needs as growing children VS adults. Coming up with something applicable might be difficult but I think it would kick a lot of ass if we could. I guess it's an easily accessible model of what to aim for with the diet, why it works, the idea of self quantification and other biohacks you could do to optimise yourself that might work best.


I'd be interested to know what the BP community's thoughts are on this. 




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