Food In Film; Cognitive Dissonance

Isn't it weird now to watch scenes on TV and in film where characters are preparing food and it's meant to show caring and bonding? They're often baking desert. But whatever it is, you can be pretty certain it's food that contributes to inflammation, weight gain, dementia, brain fog, blood sugar spikes, etc...


On one hand I watch this stuff and I see the food scenes the way the filmmaker wants me to.... the cook is being nice and loving, the eaters are being loved, everyone is bonding - aw!! Seeing the food this way is how I was raised, after all... 


But now I've got this other side who sees these scenes and thinks "Noooo! Don't feed them that! Granny's dementia will just get worse!" or "Your teenager will just be more unhappy!" etc..


I just watched a movie where this kept happening every 10 minutes. 






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