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My name is Mher. I am a 22 year old male studying also for a Bachelor's Degree in UK. I recently converted my nutrition from Zone to Bulletproof. I removed all fruits, added more healthy fats. The following are a few more important questions which i prefer your opinion on.

(1) Having a body fat of around 9-10% i still have excess fat around the chest area (what some might call stubborn fat). Besides following a BP nutrition and training what other strategies can change this situation more effectively?

(2) The rowing season at my university continues this coming September and training involves again twice a day for 5-6 days a week. What do you recommend as a post workout snack? Is it better to cycle macronutrient ratios? What organic ice creams besides the BP recipe ones do you recommend as a a more healthy treat after a long tough enjoyable workout?

(3) Sometimes, when i decide not to eat a certain food steering away from bulletproof such as ice cream, i still go ahead, get that food and eat it. Also i receive signals from my body such as when to stop eating and i still keep eating especially for more mental satisfaction (emotional eating) - what practices can reverse and help tackle this situation? I recall Dave mentioning about Neurofeedback. Are there any practices for this situation specific that i can do from home ?


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    1. Suggestion: consider Cold Thermogenesis as option. Reason: there is a possibility, that it may kill your stubborn fat permanently. Partial body submerging (excluding the hands) may be optimal, considering the goals. More information on the topic: here and here.
    2. Suggestion: whey protein with a lot of egg yolks and a banana. Or some Lindt 95 percent dark chocolate. Or…skip the snack, reach home, make a (huge) bulletproof meal and devour as much as you can. Can not give any advice regarding the ice cream. Ice cream specialist advice is needed here.
    3. Possibilities/thoughts: evaluate your stress level, you may be under stress which you don’t notice and it may lead to the consumption of brain zapping pancreas grilling foods. Relative carbohydrate deficiency - you are physically active. I think there may be a possibility you are not getting enough carbs. However, my gut-brain tells me this is not the case. Anyway, consider this option and consume a bit more carbs from bulletproof sources. Additional information on bulletproof athlete friendly carbs can be found here in the “Roots, tubers and safe carbs” section. Regarding neurofeedback: a possibility; however at the present moment I fail to see any practical application of this method in your situation. Theoretically, one can get an EGG, monitor what brainwaves certain brain regions generate when one is satisfied in terms of food and when one desires…ice cream for instance. Then, an attempt can be made to consciously modulate ones brainwaves and shift them from the “I want ice cream” state to “I am satisfied and can’t even think of food” state. However, this seems like quite a complex method to solve your situation. Especially from home.

    Hope this will be of some help

    Have a nice day!
  • Thank you for replying and for all the information.
  • As i mentioned above, I train twice a day also now during this summer also preparing for my rowing season. I am also interested in hearing your opinion on this current version of my nutritional structure relating to this period specific.

    Wake Up Time - 5 am

    6 am - coffee, oolong tea & coconut oil

    Post Workout 1 - option 1 - BCAA's option 2 - paleo pemmican powder

    1 hour later - Drink - Kerry Gold Butter + Organic Cocoa Chocolate Powder + Coconut Water From the Fruit + Coffee

    2 - 3 hours later - Main Meal - Protein, Fat & Vegetables

    3 hours later - same

    6 pm - Post Workout 2 - Option 1 - BCAA + coconut Oil, Option 2 - Paleo Pemmican Powder

    Pre Sleep Meal - Dark Chocolate Bar + Coconut + Mixed Nuts

    Sleep - 10.30 - 11.00 PM

    How good is this also for enhancing my performance in sports, boosting growth hormone, testosterone hence also building muscle and utilising more fat as fuel?
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    Cycling carbs on training and non training days is a much better strategy. I'll look into that book too. Thanks again Bulletproof intern.

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