Green Smoothie Recipes

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Hi guys, I've been wanting to start green juicing and found a free green smoothie

recipe ebook. Check it out and tell me if you think these are good ones:


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    hm, only 3 posts and posting a link to a site that requires you to sign up? smells spammy....



    here's how you make a green smoothie - you get your preferred liquid, your preferred greens, and whatever else you wanna put in there, and you blend it. problem solved. 



     my typical lunch lately goes a little something like this:


    steam a handful or 2 of greens (kale, spinach, or whatever i have around), put in blender


    add 1/4th cup of coconut milk

    1 tablespoon of mct

    maybe a bit of upgraded vanilla

    peel and grate one random-sized nub of fresh organic ginger

    1 avocado

    1 pack of sambazon acai (unsweetened!)

    a random amount of stevia

    a random amount of water

    handful of chlorella tabs and about 6 spirulina tabs

    about 4 ice cubes


    blend on highest setting, pulse if the ice doesn't break up completely


    add grassfed whey and collagen

    optional egg yolks if i feel like adding more fat


    blend on lowest setting for a second or two at a time


    optional bonus texture-adding stuff (supposedly its good to have something to chew rather than chugging your food...):

    tiny ice cubes 

    chunks of chocolate (lindt or whatever)

    a few frozen berries 

    or, leave out the whey, and instead break up a Quest bar into small pieces. 


    blend on lowest setting for about one second. 


    wait 2 hours. go to handstands, bridges, and cartwheels. 


    no website-joining required!

  • drumminangoleiro, that sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to having that at some point :D

  • I understand why greens need to be steamed, but does it change the taste or texture of the smoothie?  I just remember slimy greens as a kid and shudder

  • pretty unnoticeable to me, maybe tastes a bit less plant-like? the coconut milk, avocado, and stevia pretty much take over. 


    2 dl full fat coconut milk, 2 dl organic kefir, a whole lotta spinach, 1 avocado or banana or both, 1 egg, optional seeds and nuts. 

    This stuff is amazing. 

  • One tip I picked up somewhere. You can steam all your kale at once, blend it up and pour it into ice cube trays and freeze for later.


    Then it's really easy to use, and lasts longer.

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