Wellnessfx Hosts Anti-Bpcoffee Cholesterol Guy

So WellnessFX sent out a webinar with Spencer Nadolsky titled, "the truth about cholesterol". He says the lipoproteins / apo-b is the bad stuff for our hearts. I'm not educated enough in this field to know whether his points are valid or flawed... anyone have insight into this?


He gets into Paleo starting at 19:30 and talks about butter and MCT in coffee at 20:25.




Odd that WellnessFX specifically called out that it wasn't a good idea to put butter in your coffee without comment from Dave or anything considering he has been a huge proponent of their business.



  • interesting...i don't have time to listen to the whole thing at the moment but will later. i'm one of those people with the high Apo B. i never tested before going BP so I don't know if bulletproof coffee is to blame or if its some leftover issue from a lifetime of lots of fruit and grains. i'm just stickin to the BP thing for now until i find some indication that the high-fat thing is causing me problems, cause i do feel good and have plenty of energy. 


    so far from what i've read though, saturated fat doesn't raise cholesterol unless you have a genetic mutation called familial hypercholesterolemia that prevents your body from processing cholesterol correctly. i just sent in a tube of spit to 23andme so hopefully i'll find out if thats an issue for me when i get my results. lots of heart problems in my family, so it wouldn't surprise me too much. if its not a genetic thing i'm gonna try looking into possible thyroid issues. 

  • pmrtnzpmrtnz Peter Martinez

    I listened to the entire thing -- I'm unimpressed with the knowledge he presented. I understand the science he's discussing but it seems incomplete. 

  • i thought he seemed very reasonable, he didnt even dis bulletproof coffee, he just suggested cutting it if you dont like your cholesterol levels. he followed with anecdote about how hes seem this help peoples levels. being as he was probably aiming his talk at unhealthy people i think it would be a bit irresponsible to tell say an obese person with 'bad' cholesterol numbers to not do anything or not worry about it... with all the evidence to the contrary.


    -not knowledgeable on the topic-

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