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Hey guys,

I'm aiming to shift some fat, I've been eating in a 'paleo' way for over a year and a half (of course I have the occasional cheat here and there), had initially gone from around 98kg to 89kg (just using weight as a rough guide). However I really want to shift more, although I'm relying on the mirror really for that rather than scales as such.

I weight lift 3x a week following the Stronglifts 5x5 routine, and maybe for 6 weeks I will switch over to Candito's routine then back to Stronglifts again as I've been doing 5x5 for several months.

I'm nearly in my 3rd week of utilising the bulletproof way of having coffee in the mornings (5 days a week), I keep an eye on my weight anyway but it's not something I stress about. I noticed my weight went from 89kg to 87.5kg in the first week (average over a few days), then back up to 89kg on the 2nd week, now back down to around 86.6kg this week.

Is that a normal amount to drop ?

I'm trying to stick to just 1 BP coffee in the morning rather than 2, as I'd get hit at work needing the toilet urgently  :oops:  So I know I can't use more than 1 tablespoon of MCT oil now.

I obviously understand that as I'm getting stronger I'll be building more muscle so the weighing thing will largely be irrelevant BUT what is the approximate expected rate of fat loss ? (given that I'm training as well)

(note I'm 33 and 6ft tall)  


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