Aniracetam - High Altitude

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Hello Dave:

You mentioned in the last podcast (Podcast #15) that Aniracetam helps when hiking at high altitude. I assume this comment was based on your personal experience from your trip(s) to the Himalayas. Are there any other supplements you have found to be helpful for acclimation to high altitude? I ask as my wife and I will be participating in the Gore-Tex TransRockies 6-day stage race and will need to quickly transition from sea level (coast of Maine) to six days of 8,000 to 12,500 feet in elevation. I have heard that Maca and Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) also help.

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  • I think I can answer that. The reason why aniracetam works well for high altitudes is because, like it's predecessor piracetam, it has been scientifically proven to greatly reduce the effects of hypoxia on the brain. There was some study that involved cats or something that when the oxygen was reduced to very low levels, the control animals all had brain damage in a few minutes, but the piracetam treated animals were fine for like 45 minutes or something! It basically protects the brain from free radicals, among other things. Aniracetam is an improved, souped up version of piracetam.
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