Still Sorting Out Post-Wo Nutrition And Bp-If

My workouts take place in the early AM for the most part. Typically they are in a fasted state, with Saturdays being the exception when I have a small pre-WO meal since the workout doesn't start until the 8-8:30am timeframe. Rest days are easy for me to figure out: BPC in the morning, break my fast with lunch around noon (my eating hours are typically closer to the noon-6pm timeframe). On workout days, I know that I need some form of post-WO nutrition, which breaks my fast. My question is, could I have my post-WO meal (lean protein & carbs) in the morning (probably around 6:30am through the week), have a BPC around lunch time and then break my fast with dinner and still see benefits (fatloss)? It'd end up making the BPC more of a meal replacement (lunch) instead of an IF thing on workout days because it'd be more like 10-11 hours between post-WO and dinner. With Saturday's workout being a little later, perhaps a small BPC pre-WO (thinking 1/2 size typical BPC), a post-WO meal, then again with the BPC as a lunch replacement until dinner?

I'm 5'4", female, 140 lbs, trying to drop about 5 lbs. not sure how accurate the handheld body fat monitors are but 3 weeks ago it said I was 23.5% (and weighed 139.8 lbs) and yesterday (when I weighed in at 140.0), it said I was 24.3%. So, my measurements got slightly worse in a three week period, despite a 90-95% clean/paleo diet and 4-5x/wk workouts consisting of heavy weights, beast mode (crossfit inspired workouts), sprints, running, etc. I've only been doing the BPC for 5 days, so I'm still learning and tweaking. As you can imagine, I'm very frustrated with the fact that my stats didn't change (and perhaps even got worse) over the last three weeks of busting my tail in the gym, the kitchen... And that's not even to mention all the junk food pushed in my face that I avoided over those weeks at work.

Thanks for your feedback!


  • I have a similar situation. I work out hard 3 days a week and 3 days I just walk. I need lose about 90 lbs. I love bbc and BBC IF. But I also work out in the am. Thus what I have been doing is bbc at 6:30 workout at 8' followed by post work out meal, then usually nothing till 2pm, then evening meal around 6. I wish I did not Need the post work out meal, but Jason believes long term it would affect performance. My number one goal is fat loss, but I know I need some carbs on hard workout days. I assume because my carbs are roughly 50g or less 4 days a week and around 150 3 days a week I don't need a refeed day, I just hope I can lose weight like I was when I was just box if 6 days a week, but not execising
  • I would read the articles in the athletic performance tab. Also maybe Jason m will give his opinion
  • Ok, collagen is ok in hot coffee?
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