Hacking Typing?

I've always been a two finger typist not particularly fast. I'd like to learn touch type. I've tried a couple of different of online typing tutors and even Mavis Beacon.


Has anyone tried an alternative system that would be better/faster. Is there another way to accelerate this type of learning or skill acquisition? 



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    Play World of Warcraft. Haha I'm only half serious, but I was a WOW junkie growing up and played the game for years. I loved it for it's social aspect (involved lots of typing) as well as fast-paced reactions (keybinding just about every single key on the keyboard possible to various spells or actions).


    I no longer play the game anymore, but I still retained my above 110 words per minute typing skills without needing to look at the keyboard.


    I've never met another fellow MMORPGer that didn't have decent typing skills. Sure, I don't necessarily type exactly according to the optimal touch-typing method, but I get the job done pretty damn well still.

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    The worlds fastest typist, late grate Barbara Blackburn used the Dvorak keyboard layout.


  • I had thought of trying a Dvorak keyboard but it'll likely be too limiting. There may be an MMORPG in my future!

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