Where To Get Affordable, Quality Grass-Fed Beef?

Dave speaks in podcasts about personally getting grass-fed beef for $3 - 3.50/lb, and talks up a specific vendor, but everywhere I look (including that vendor), the prices are at least twice that amount just for the cheapest ground beef, even when buying in large quantities.


Where can we find quality grass-fed beef online that is actually affordable?



Thank you in advance for sharing!




  • Depends on where you are living. I just found one that's ~$5-6/lb for uncertified organic grass fed beef, local. I live in the southern Manitoba region. Will probably be visiting their farm soon to check them out, but they seemed pretty legit when I spoke to them on the phone.


    Keep searching around. Get what you can now, more will be revealed to you :) That's how it's happening to me. The more BP I go, the more BP perks / awesome things appear to help support this journey (eg: a 1 litre container of MCT oil showing up locally for the same price as a 520 ml container of MCT oil 3 hours away, after me previously investing twice into the far-away MCT oil :) )

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