Bulletproof Beans Make Me Feel Tired/foggy/nauseous

I've been doing bulletproof coffee for over a year now (2 tbs kerrygold, 2 tbs upgraded MCT). Up until recently though, I've always used Starbucks or whatever random store bought coffee I could get. I got a Keurig machine as a gift so I ordered some Bulletproof cups and have been using those. Nothing else has changed.


Now that I am using the BP brand grounds, I don't get the same caffein buzz, but I do feel some major brain fog, lethargy, and even the tummy-rumbles I used to get when I overdid the MCT at first. So basically, all the problems I should have been getting with toxic coffee I never got, but now that I am using BP coffee I get them.


Anyone else experience this? Thoughts? 




  • Your coffee during that year was not "bulletproof".  To me, it sounds like some detox going on now that you've got the good stuff.  Give it a good six weeks to feel better even though  it shouldn't take that long.  I experienced nausea and sleeping way less when I first started the BP program.  I'd reduce the MCT oil a bit too.  Are you eating BP as well?

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    I don't think you'd get detox symptoms that noticable by just switching starbuck's coffee to upgraded.

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