Fastest/best Food Poisoning Cures?

Ok so basically I have a bottle of activated coconut charcoal, and love it. Except for gluten exposures but that's a whole different story (super gluten sensistive), also have a bottle of bentonite clay. 


Quick story - I had someone give me this big box of british tea and made some, and drank it. Got a headache, and went to bed about 9:30. Had crazy dreams, woke up about 2:30 am, and puked. But ONLY the tea, which took me a couple hours to realize that is was the tea making that strange dark color. Drank a bit of water, went back to sleep, woke up and took 2 capsules of activated charcoal, and a sip of bentonite clay... I think i got maybe 1/2 tbsp in? Idk i did it straight from the bottle.


Most symptoms cleared up in about 4 hours, and then near the evening I started to get a headache again, ate a little bit of dinner, some beef stew with some homemade coleslaw... maybe 300 calories worth of food. Woke up this morning and feel fine, drinking BP coffee. 


Does the headache at night sound normal for detoxing from food poisoning? Or could it just be that I was tired because it was dark outside? (my circadian rhythm is extremely sensitive, i wake up almost everyday at 7-7:15 am)


Is there any better/faster way to detox other than just charcoal/clay? I have normal bowel movements, at least twice a day long smooth pieces. 


Thanks for any insight! 


-Stay happy, Stay bulletproof, and drink more COFFEE!

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