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Hi Dave & Bulletproof intern

I have been loving the podcast - thanks so much for doing this!

I am wondering what you think of the Nu Skin agleoc products (previously vitality, now R2 ) -

I am guessing that you have heard of of them with your interest in epigenetics and aging. The story behind their development seems persuasive; aiming to influence gene expression with the aid of supplements (albeit "natural") so as to return mitochondrial gene expression in older people to a more youthful pattern.

Their website does give summaries of relevant scientific trial publications. I have tried the product and found some effect but I am wondering about potential downsides and longer term effects - I have noticed some withdrawal on stopping - and I tried the product before stumbling on bulletproof coffee and the paleo diet.

The R2 product contains Cordyceps Cs-4 mushroom mycelia (Cordyceps sinesis); pomegranate (Punica granatum) fruit extract asian ginseng Rb1 root extract - in the mornings and grape seed (Vitis vinifera L.) extract, red orange (citrus sinesis) fruit exract and broccoli seed extract (Brassica oleracea italica) in the evenings.

The company are also marketing anti-oxidant supplements and a skin scanner to check beta -carotene in the skin, which they say is a good measure of antioxidant status. I am not sure that a high beta-carotene level in the skin is beneficial.

(Since trying bulletproof coffee, I have really noticed an ability to stay energised and without hunger right through to 5 pm with bulletproof coffee and a couple of eggs - (though some days I'll eat earlier, the flexibility of running on fat is great))

Thanks so much! Sborkad

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