Whiter Teeth From Bp Coffee?

Make mine with grass fed butter. There is a practice known as "pulling" where you swish an oil like coconut or sesame oil through you teeth that is believe to clean and whiten them. Have tried it and it actually works well. Some staining to teeth is oil based and pulling is a great whitener. 


Usually coffee tends to stain my teeth. BP coffee seems to be whitening my teeth. Wondering if that is from the butter. Also put the Brain Octane in. 




  • In one of the podcasts (I forget which) Dave talks with this woman about reducing calcification and plaque in the body through diet, and they moth mention that they don't use conventional toothpaste.  Dave suggests opening a Upgraded Charcoal Tablet and brushing your teeth with the contents.  I have tried this and at first your mouth is quite black, but after it feels very clean, and not just by contrast.


    Currently using a baking-soda based tooth-powder (avail. on amazon) and then 1/3 of charcoal tablet 2x a week.  Teeth look and feel great.

  • It's all in your head mate.


    There's no way bp coffee can be whitening your teeth, but will do a great job at staining them.

  • Yep,

    Mine are definitely getting stained from bpc. Pretty much the only thing I have change in my diet.

    Except adding fat.
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