Counting Calories In Mct Oil

Disclaimer: I know that counting calories is discouraged. I get it. However not counting calories doesn't seem to be working for me right now, so until I can get myself straightened out, I need to count them and track macros.


To my question... I am using MCT oil. No longer doing BPC (doesn't seem to be working well for me), but going to continue implementing MCT oil based on its health benefits. I have read in a couple places where calories from MCT oil do not necessarily need to be tracked because of how the oil is metabolized, by going directly to the liver and not getting stored as fat. So, I'm wondering a general consensus of everyone: for those of you who track calories/macros, do you count MCT oil, either toward your total daily calories and/or your macros? When you consume MCT oil at any given meal, do you still add an additional fat source, such as avocado, or do you count MCT oil AS your main fat source for that meal?





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