Tongue Issue

Anyone have a guess why my tongue gets all weird feeling after Bpc? Almost a metal/chemical feel, or corrosive feel. Usally gets worse for each morning I have bpc.

Common sense tells me its either some sort of detox, or that my magic bullet isnt good as a coffegrinder. Resulting in me consuming the beans itself.



  • What type of beans are you using, what type of MCT are you using, and what type of butter are you using? Plus, what type of dishwashing solution are you using for cleaning your blender?

  • I second that it's probably 'keto breath' - I get the same effect - slightly metallic sweet taste a bit like putting your tongue on a 9V battery. Now I use that as a sign that I'm actually in ketosis, it usually coincides with the extra-focus buzz from the BPC, and lasts until next meal

  • I use all upgraded stuff. And thise smör from denmark, 50-60 % GF. No solution, just hot water.

    Yes feel exactly like tongue on 9v battery. I kinda figured it could be ketosis, but just strange that the effect is so direct. Usally before I finished my cup.

    It usally last longer than my next meal,.
  • I developed a mouth problem about week 5 or 6. I'm at 3+ months now, and it's taken a while to figure it out. My tongue felt scalded, i lost most of my sense of taste, tasted metal, and every day or two, my tongue would swell & hurt. I tried cutting out stevia, brain octane oil, nuts, etc...with no effect. Finally I cut out coffee, and that made the swelling stop completely, and the metallic taste is mostly gone. Apparently, I've developed a sensitivity to coffee. Bummer! I'm doing a green tea latte now, and so far so good. There is some scalded feeling remaining, and I'm not sure, but seems like that might be the brain octane oil. Ugh! But just cutting one thing at a time though, so i can be sure. I love the BP life, and how I feel on this plan, so I'm going to keep working on fine tuning this for myself. Hope you figure out your issue. If anyone knows of a coffee i could try that would not make this happen, let me know.

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