Coffee Addiction

Has anyone else noticed that their consumption of coffee has reduced after starting Bulletproof coffee? I seem to notice that my coffee addiction, (I would brew 6-8 cups of coffee in the morning and get through it by noon), has sharply reduced.


Now, after a single mug of Bulletproof coffee, in the morning, I rarely go back for a second cup of regular coffee and most of my brew goes to waste.


I'm wondering if this works with other addictive behaviors and cravings as well? Not just coffee and food but alcholol and drug addictions?


It should be noted that I'm new to this and not yet a bulletproof coffee purist, substituting Upgraded Coffee with Fair Trade and Brain Octane Oil with straight coconut oil.



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    It's interesting to see that someone else has experienced the same thing. I also rarely have more than my initial morning cup which is a stark contrast from before BPC. I've also noticed that I'm not in such a frantic rush to make my coffee in the morning.. I used to avoid people like the plague until I was sufficiently caffeinated, but now I feel fine in the morning before coffee. 


    My suspicion is that it is largely a product of all the brain-supporting fats.  


    I don't have experience with other addictions but I can say that it is now beyond easy for me to pass on sugary crap, where it was formerly futile. 

  • Well, I was able to test part of my theory on addiction tonight. I tend to have an addictive tendency which is why I stay away from Alcohol. I tend to over imbibe so now I just stay away from it totally.

    I was at my daughters with my other kids having dinner and they brought in a case of beer, (my favorite alcoholic beverage). I instantly had that pang that I can ea recognize in myself so I went to the kitchen. brewed up some coffee and laced it with butter, (no coconut oil available). The cravings seemed to vanish and I no longer even paid attention to the fact that they were all drinking beer.

    This is just a single observation so far but it'd be interesting if others in the forum would test it out.

    Another observation I've made since I've been drinking bulletproof coffee over regular coffee is that regular coffee tends to give me a spike of mental activity, which of course does not last very long, thus requiring further cups of coffee during the morning. Bulletproof does not give me that spike but moves me up and holds me at a lower level for a long period of time. I almost mistook it for a dulling sensation, but after concentrating on the feeling noticed that I felt very alert, but mellow and calm.

  • I can echo this.


    There is definitely a more stable, even boost in the AM, rather than the spike and crash, but with BP coffee and eating the BP diet i've noticed a lot less of the "3pm blahs" (this may be partly because my lunch is at 3pm most days).

    I can also now more easily deal with a delayed lunch due to an emergency, I feel less hungry/weary/headachey.


    The main awesome thing I noticed is my lack of need for caffeine most evenings.

    I used to need a redbull or similar to make it to my family (an houror so drive) friday nights, and the same sunday evenings headed home, but it seems that the need for this is largely gone between BP coffee and diet.

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