Curry Powder Recipe?

Anyone want to share what they make their Curry powder with? I'm going to start using curry in my cooking.


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    I don't have a recipe for curry power but I do use a curry paste I get at an asian market, the brand is Mae Ploy it comes in red, yellow, green and a few other curry flavors. all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors. I fry a spoon or 2 up then add a can of coconut milk and whatever protein and veggies im having. dinner done!


    I see amazon has this brand:

    I can vouch for the red and green curry paste, great stuff.

  • I know this is a super old thread, but there is a curry powder in the new BP cookbook. I tried it and it's pretty good.

    Here it is : All ingredients in powdered form, of course.
    1tbsp turmeric
    1tbsp cumin
    2tsp ginger
    1.5tsp coriander
    0.5tsp vanilla
    0.5tsp cinnamon

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