Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Amasi. How Do You Do It Right?

I currently take one pill of Jarro Diphilus EPS probiotic in the morning. I was thinking about adding a prebiotic supplement to my diet, I dont know which one to add though.


Then I read this:


And it made me REALLY want to get some Amasi! Thing is, it costs an arm or a leg, so If Dave is drinking one a day, hes paying around 40$ a week on this stuff!, so unless you somehow only need to drink Amasi once a week its out of the question for me.


I was wondering what your guy's thoughts are on probiotics & prebiotics and the best forms, brands, and time to take them?


Thank you.


  • If like to revive this post. How often should a probiotic be taken? I thought it was one a day but I've read on the forum that John Brisson says there's no need to take them daily.
  • Ive just made it part of my daily diet to eat foods that are alive regardless of mycotoxin speculation (Kombucha, sourkraut, kimchi, coconut yogurt, etc.) and take one Jarrow dophilus probiotic a morning. That way im not paying a ton for probiotics a day. I also started taking athletic greens at night to make sure i get all my micros in, and it has a great prebiotic in it.

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