Best Way To Spend 750$ On Brain Improvement?

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I'm interested in improving my brain, and I recently found this exciting website. I have tried dual n-back in the past (noticing substantial positive effects), and I am currently trying out meditation. Being on a student budget, it wouldn't be reasonable for me to spend more than, say, 750$ on brain improvement at the moment (maybe I could spend more in a couple of months if I have more money).

So: To get the biggest bang for the buck - how can I best spend my 750$?

Thanks in advance for any responses.


  • Start with N-Back training. You can buy the good app on or go with one of the free ones. Then get the emWave2, it's amazing. Then go for several raw, pastured egg yolks a week, and daily MCT oil. I'll let the more knowledgeable comment on the best supplements.
  • Look into light and sound devices and/or electrotherapy stimulation. I purchased one and feel much sharper, mentally after using it for a while. I am currently reading the book Megabrain by Michael Hutchison. It's a bit dated but the information is still relevant today. There are many ways to enter various states of mind conducive to learning and then enter other states to consolidate and retain the information. I am only in the infantile stage of this type of knowledge base, but just peaking over the horizon has seen some excellent benefits. I purchased an entire kit for around $730. Best of luck in your brain boosting endeavours.
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