Bulletproof Coffee Effect On Gh While Intermittent Fasting

I'm wondering about the effect of BP coffee on HGH production while doing IF. I'm guessing that the fat calories will break the fast and effectively lower HGH production.

Has the tradeoff between lowered stress / lower GH (from BP coffee) and higher stress / higher GH ('plain' IF) been quantified? I know Dave likes BP coffee, I'm just wondering if there are scenarios that favor sticking to the fast.


  • In my opinion:

    BP coffee will most likely have a lowering effect on GH levels, because plasma ghrelin levels will be affected by food intake. As soon as the fat components of BP coffee will reach the stomach P/D1 cells, it will have a lowering effect on ghrelin and, subsequently, GH plasma levels.

    However, it seems there is a differential response of ghrelin to macronutrient composition of food. Some of the studies:






    If my optic nerve is functioning properly, then based on these studies:
    1. fat has the least profound effect on plasma insulin and ghrelin levels
    2. the rate of ghrelin decrease following a high fat meal is lower, compared to meals with a higher carbohydrate content

    Perhaps, one must also consider that following the decrease in ghrelin levels, it may take some time for GH levels to fall.

    My personal conclusion is that drinking BP coffee has the least impact on GH plasma levels.

    Other aspects of fasting that perhaps should be considered in unison with higher GH levels e.g. mTOR activity, IGF-1 levels and GH receptor sensitivity to circulating plasma GH. While fasting GH levels are higher, longer periods of fasting lower mTOR activity, plasma IGF-1 levels and in the long term GH receptor sensitivity to GH. Without these components working in unison with GH, high plasma levels of the latter is…relatively useless.

    However, if GH levels are of concern, then one can consider the following options:
    1. Extend the fasting period by ingesting caffeine instead of coffee. This stimulates the brain and you remain fasted. Optimum dose depends upon many factors and personal tolerance to the substance. Experiment. Personally take 600mg 45 minutes before waking up. Other benefits: most likely you will not succumb to the “press the snooze button“ after doing this.
    2. Manipulate your feeding/calorie ingestion window. An example: one can drink BP coffee at 9.00 a.m., start feeding at 12.00 p.m., end feeding window at 15.00 p.m. Total calorie ingestion period is 6 hours. This window can be extended e.g. end at 16.00 or 17.00 p.m. until one reaches a point of comfort.
  • Awesome

    How do you take the caffeine before waking up? Do you have an awesome zeo integrated IV setup? image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />

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  • DagothUrDagothUr
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    'Leon wrote:


    How do you take the caffeine before waking up? Do you have an awesome zeo integrated IV setup? image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smile:' />


    I have a regular bedside Zeo with no extensive modifications except for an update to download date to PC.

    Regarding caffeine before waking up - read a few articles regarding caffeine metabolism and time to reach plasma maximum concentration. With this information + experimentation with Zeo I found that taking 600mg of caffeine before waking up has no significant impact on sleep quality and I wake up bouncing with energy.

    How do I take it? Before going to sleep put 600mg caffeine somewhere close to your bed + a glass of water. Set two alarms. With modern technology it should not be a problem. One alarm 40-45 minutes before the planned wakeup time and one where you actually wake up to start the day…or night. Simply wake up 40-45 minutes before the actual wakeup that you plan beforehand (my sleep is fairly standardized), swallow the caffeine and drink the water. Go back to sleep. I usually wake up somewhere in the middle of a sleep cycle so the sleep inertia does its job and puts me back to sleep. Then wake up at the designated time.

    P.S. You can also add other components to the mix to enhance the effect of this procedure.
  • Fantastic info, DagothUr. Think I'll move my first cup back by a few hours and take advantage of the rate of ghrelin decrease. From your first pubmed citation, looks like a good time to indulge in my BPC is somewhere less than 180 min before I break my fast. Thanks!
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