Lesser $ Focus Brain Trainer Hardware?

Love the idea of this. Had anyone found lesser $ hardware to do this? 


Did find the HEGStudio open source software that was used in "The Bulletproof Life with Dave Asprey"





  • I don't think you're going to see cheap versions available for quite some time yet.  The only units that currently exist afaik are all hand made by one person.  I think I remember hearing the inventor say in an interview from a few years ago that he'd sold the patent (the device is called nir HEG if you want to research it) but I didn't hear to whom he sold it, or if it was going to be mass produced eventually or not.  Unfortunately, I don't think the software is going to do you any good without this very specific device.  


    If you want a cheaper hack for training focus, you might try the foc.us headset or a CES device (both featured in the webinar).  They don't do the same thing as the Upgraded Focus Trainer, but they're both affordable devices that Dave has said he uses.

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