Tips For Bulletproof Coffee Noobs In The Uk

So I thought I would share my experiences as a year ago I didn't drink coffee and now I can't get enough... I've also made a few mistakes along the way so this might just help some of you...

First off, here's my coffee based equipment, starting with the best bit of gear I have:-

One of the few coffee containers that pushes out all the coffee killing oxygen. Brilliant.

Does what it says on the tin perfectly well.

I brew the coffee in here for 7 minutes, giving it a good stir to start with.

My wife brought this back from the States for me... Absolutely love it... Too time consuming for me for everyday use but for special occasions and showing off it rules! The coffee tastes better than using the cafetiere too.

Real budget blender this but it gives great froth, is easy to wash & takes up minimal kitchen bench space, however, there are a couple of issues; the instructions say not to use it for hot liquids due to steam escaping, however I have found after brewing and adding butter there's no steam and I've had no leakages. Also the mouthpiece on the flasks included I find too large, more suited to drinking smoothies than coffee so I use my old flask.

Ok the rest is for BP noobies & I would suggest some rules that work for me:-




So by not messing with the ingredients I basically mean go with BP Upgraded unless it's impossible. I started on BP coffee beans and Upgraded MCT Oil then changed coffee beans to single source, water processed good quality beans from Grumpy Mule. The detrimental effect on cognition was obvious, but the biggest negative effect was changing the MCT Oil to Now Sports MCT Oil which at the time was recommended, cheaper and easier to source. At this point on all non BP ingredients the coffee tasted great but within an hour gave me stomach cramps and left me foggy and nauseous. When back on BP beans the Now Sports MCT still ruined the usual positive effects.

Thankfully my wife recently brought me back a 5lb bag of BP beans from the States and I bought the Upgraded MCT Oil from (you can get the coffee there too). Now all the effects are as they should be; energy, alertness, hunger satiation are all spot on, but not without tweaking, which leads me onto the subject of moderation...

Dave talks about using 2/3rds of a stick of butter; personally I wouldn't recommend that much. I used to have about 50grams per coffee. Now I am down to just 20 grams. I find this gives me the most mental clarity and a very much more 'settled' stomach. Also when I had more butter by about 2/3rds of the way through my flask the coffee is just heavy and I am just getting through it with no enjoyment. Now the whole drink is delicious. Finally on butter, Dave said on his most recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast that in tests on coffee with butter, results came out both positive & negative in terms of effects on cognition so another reason not to push the amount of butter. With MCT I find one tablespoon just right, giving the 'mouth feel' without the stomach cramps.

I mentioned I have a 5lb bag of coffee... Obviously a chunk of it went in the Airscape, so what about the rest of it? First I Ziplock bag it, then wrap it in tin foil, and finally put it in a plastic takeaway box (collected way too many of those!) and in the freezer. Took one out 2 days ago, stored it in a cupboard and opened it today - still smelt really fresh so hopefully the storage effort was worth it.

So, breaking the BP coffee fast? I do regularly, and I still get the benefits... If I'm running out I might grab an organic banana.. If I've got time I'll do eggs & bacon... For me it usually feels better than fasting.

Does the water used to make BP coffee make a difference?... Yes, in my experience even water makes a difference... I use Tesco Ashbeck mineral water; £1.10 for 5 litres. I've made it with tap water and then mineral water and it absolutely tastes better with mineral water and is probably healthier too. I have just measured the amount of water I use for the first time in my flask - 625ml. I grind between 20-30grams depending on the kick I'm after from the flask of coffee.

We can't get the Kerrygold unsalted butter in the UK so this is the next best thing which seems to tick the most boxes; grassfed, unpasteurised... Delicious on that evil thing known as bread too.

Finally, this all applies to me, everyone is different so experiment and see what works for you. My next step is to try adding vanilla and cacao butter, should be fun..


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    I make mine slightly different, lots of threads with info on what we all do. I use a gold filter during the week and a paper filter at the weekends, heard French presses weren't ideal. I've used one, but not really since I first started around a year ago.


    Magic bullet is brilliant. I've got one of the MR blenders you mention. On my 2nd now, they're not very good to be honest. I use if for my protein shakes in the evenings now. Seals on the lids go really easy and they don't supplied spares. Had one motor go too. I wouldn't recommend it long-term, but ok to start with, but won't say it was cheap as you'll need to replace it sooner rather than later if you need a blender. Just my opinion from my experience with it. As I said, on my 2nd this year and the seals are going on this one.


    I've just ordered one of the air containers thingy's you recommend. Very interested to see if they work well. Completely revamped my storage since going Bulletproof.


    I add cocoa powder, cocoa butter and coca nibs to my daily coffee. Also add cinnamon and vanilla sprinkled on top. I use upgraded coffee and whatever MCT oil I can get hold off. 42g of kerry gold and 30ml of mct oil. TASTE SO GOOD.....




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  • Ooh that looks tasty... I would have gone for the cocoa & vanilla sooner but it's so expensive to get the BP products in the UK; I can only ask friends flying to & from the States to bring stuff back a few times before it takes the piss! Are there decent non-BP options?

    I'll see in time if the blender is reliable... Morphy Richards are a big(ish) brand here so I'd hope it's ok finding spares for it.

    No idea re the difference between paper & gold filters so I'm gonna do some research! I'm surprised you use whatever MCT Oil is available; I found Now Sports MCT was awful. Any particular brand you find works well?
  • There's a few threads on using a paper filter. I used those for ages when it was advised, but Dave slowly changed over. Depends what you're looking for out of your Bulletproof Coffee.


    MCT has no taste, or shouldn't. Getting hold of upgraded and the price makes it not always possible for me, to use what I can get hold of. There's a few threads talking about it. READ READ READ. time to catch up ;-)


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  • There's actually no difference between the upgraded mct oil and normal brands. What you are experiencing is the placebo effect ;)

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    Great post. That airscape looks brilliant, just what I need. Also I would recommend a burr style of grinder rather than blade. Costs slightly more but lasts ages anyways.


    For butter, check this: It is the best 100% organic grass fed unsalted I can find in UK and I've tried a lot.


    As for MCT, I think there is a difference. I mix 1 tbsp brain octane with 2 tbsp upgraded MCT everyday, works for me. Check ebay for a relatively cheap source of MCT for us UK guys (, I got some brain octane off ebay for a good price!

  • I noticed a small effect using brain octane, might be a placebo, but noticed it.


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    SUCCESS: A lot of little things done well

  • For me adding NowSports MCT absolutely ruined the positive effects, and even made my stomach cramp up. There's no way that could be placebo, so will have to disagree there...

    Thanks for the tip BP25 on butter, I've used Abel & Cole before and found them to be excellent so will give that a try. MCT is cheaper on until you add delivery, buying more than one item makes it cheaper though.
  • I want to add a little flavour to mine - is there a good (read: cheaper) alternative to Upgraded Vanilla? 


    Katolotus - where do you get yours from? Just any standard brand? Wondering if there's anything I need to avoid or if there's a particular suggested brand! 

  • Is the Isigny Ste Mere butter often in stock in your Waitrose Jimbo? i've tried 5 different stores in Berkshire and they never have it. I even tried getting it ordered to my store here in Caversham but they won't do that either. I'm trundling on with salted Kerrygold but ever since trying unsalted Kerrygold i've had a taste of the real thing!

  • ive tried a different brand mct oil and the upgraded oil, i found the upgraded oil didnt irritate my stomach as the other brand did.

    Ive recently started using the brain octane and have felt mentally sharper, i dont care if its the placebo effect as im still getting the wanted effect. 


    ps i get mine from The Lab MMA gym .com site

  • A lot of the off-brand mct oil has c12 and c14 mct's, the upgraded only has c08 and c10. The PVL essentials brand makes MCT oil with only c08 and c10 but I don't know about the quality.

  • Upgradedâ„¢ doesn't actually mean it's of an upgraded quality, it's just a trademark Dave owns and he staples it on all his products. :)


    I guess some people were tricked by this and thought it actually was "Upgraded" and better than other MCT brands, but that's not true at all.

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