Bulletproof Clothing?

A strange notion occurred to me recently:

With so much concern regarding toxins and mycotoxins in diet and the surrounding environment (e.g. air quality, cooking implements, etc).

Is there good reason to be concerned about the quality of clothing you wear?

With various artificial, and natural, fabrics rubbing on your skin (all day, every day)- could it be affecting your health/performance? Or a certain detergent you use? And if so, what could one do about it?

As a minor point, could the psychological influence of clothing, both personally and how other people respond to it, empirically improve your performance. I've read a few studies suggesting this - and we all know the concept of 'power dressing'. I'm curious as to whether you could become more productive from something as simple as changing your t-shirt! Even if it's just a placebo effect.

e.g. Have a better networking aura by wearing a baby-blue shirt (100% cotton)

May sound ridiculous, but...

Any thoughts?


  • These clothes apparently help with faster healing and are bulletproof against EMFs:


    These clothes will be very helpful to spread sexual energy from your girl partner:


    Detergents, dyes and different fabrics are bad if you are sensitive to the stuff or have allergies.

    Better to spend the money on the clothes you put on your stomach and your energy stores.

    For fun


    clwonfish :lol: 8-)
  • Saw an interesting video on MSN.com a few days ago. It was about a clothing manufacturer (Miguel-something??) that produced bullet-proof jackets and overcoats that look like ordinary formal clothes. The video included live-fire demonstrations with handguns vs. actual people wearing the garments (!!).

    I was pretty impressed at first that they could make these soft flexible coats able to withstand a pistol round from 1-2 feet away...

    Then I watched the video a few more times. It sure looks like those pistols don't recoil very much. I mean, I've shot 9mm and .45 ACP a few times, and there's a pretty good recoil to those guns. The guns in the video looked more like .22 recoil, even though the slug they dug out from one of the jackets was a pretty good size. I'm guessing though that maybe they were using low-power rounds for the demo, something they specifically loaded without much powder.

    I'd like to see one of those people in the video take a close-range shot from a .45 +P load and still be standing afterwards, like in the video footage. THEN I'd be impressed.
  • The best Bullet Proof clothing might be a pair of swim trunks or a bikini. A little sunshine makes most of us feel better. The sun creates Vit D, which helps (according to studies) limit colon cancer. (Or who knows what else...) Sunshine also helps fight depression. I always have better sense of well being in the Tropics or the Mediterannean climate of the Northern California foothills. Some would holler about skin cancer, but apparently there are 160,000 new diagnosed cases of skin cancer World wide. There are 7,000,000,000 people roaming the planet, so if my math is right that is 0.0002.3%.

    Put on a pair of OP's and catch some rays.
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