Anyone here purchase the T- Tap work out system.

I have a knee injury and it made it worse ..

I am trying to find support on their website, but not having much luck.  I'm calling them next.


  • In my recollection T Tap is high intensity (jumping around, etc)? I would think you would want to nurture an acute knee injury and not do this type of exercise until fully recovered. If it is a chronic knee injury I might suggest weight training to strengthen surrounding muscle tissue before high intensity tranining.

    It's doubtful that you will get anywhere with calling them. They will probably tell you not to use it if you are injured and any advice they give you will be extremely conservative to cover their butts in case of liability.

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    The basic T-Tap instructional video can be found free on Youtube :)


    The basic T-Tap seems like it would be fine for a knee injury, as long as you took it slow, and listened to your body.

  • T-Tapp is not high intensity - no jumping

    There is a dvd for rehab

  • GarrettGarrett
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    T-Tapp Instructional video, made by the creator of T-Tapp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK7hs7Dvmzo

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    Actually, I've been meaning to ask about T-Tapp. Anyone here done it and seen good results? My wife and I have considered trying it, but I wanted to know about the results before diving in.

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    I tried it last year, there is no jumping and it's supposed to be very gentle on the joints, it grew out of a rehabilitation program, absolutely no jumping. I didn't get any fatloss from at all it but I liked the exercises. Pretty good, I wouldn't have tried it if it was jumping around because I hate aerobics but this is far from that.


    Proper alignment is a critical pont in this system so if someone does it carelessly (I don't mean you did but if someone did) it may worsen knee conditions but if someone pays attention then this is great for rehab. Makes you more aware of posture and alignment too.

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