Are You Kidding Me?

Why on earth would you (Dave Aspery) find it acceptable to add food dye to Alapha Brain? That doesn't sound very Bulletproof to me.



  • Star ChaserStar Chaser Powered by Shred

    Why on earth would you (k2climbit) blame Dave for a product he did not create? Doesn't sound very Bulletproof to me.

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  • I wasn't aware he didn't create it. Why is he promoting it then? If I were him I'd make an "upgraded" version.

  • It's one of the better nootropics out there is why he supports it. He supports it because being on the JRE gained him tons of followers including me.

  • Evan BrandEvan Brand Writer and Explorer

    Onnit no longer uses dye in ANY of the supplements.


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  • thats the thing I like about onnit, they really do listen to their customer base. I like Alpha Brain, very solid product.
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