Sweaty After Drinking Bp Coffee

About halfway through a cup of BP coffee I find myself overly warm and sweating. Has anyone else experienced this and what could it be?


  • This happens to me after taking more than 1T of coconut oil, so if you're using MCT oil it might be an even more dramatic effect. I'm expecting the same thing once my MCT oil and BP Coffee arrive and I make "real" Bulletproof Coffee.
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  • Some of it may just be the warm beverage, but caffeine and MCT's (CO or MCTO) both have a thermogenic effect as well. It's a GOOD thing. Throw butter in there and it's even more dramatic. I know sometimes I'll drink 24-32 oz and sweat through my shirt. It has a "buttery" smell too.
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  • I love white coffee, everytime when i drink it, i feel so warm and relax.
  • Curious if anyone ever has found a way to alleviate the excessive sweating after bp coffee.  Switching shirts three times a day is getting annoying.

  • so anytime after i drink my coffee with heavy cream and pure natural butter i blend it well first i will feel very warm and i start sweating. i thought it was just the coffee. so at work i ate our little round butters which is all real butter not margin and the same i was sweating for a while after wards. i think it's the butter the fat that is igniting our body to heat up to burn it.??

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