Bpc And Collagen (Or Other Protein)

A few people have taken up Dave's suggestion to use Collagen protein in their BPC. I tend to do this when I make a BP hot chocolate in the mornings after a w/o.

However, I have shy'd away from adding it to my BPC due to the mTor affects of the caffiene. Is it not a waste to add protein to the coffee if that very substance is stopping our bodies from metabolising the protein?

Please educate me on why this theory would be erroneous!


  • I need a laymen's version on what mTOR is and how it works. Heard coffee after a workout doesn't work.


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  • Yeah I don't like the idea of coffee after a workout either, but again many here are doing just that.

    I think that after a workout, the last thing you want is more cortisol stimulating hormones?

    I don't know a whole lot about the mTor process, (hence the thread) but my understanding is that it is a process whereby protein synthesis is restrained...after which it springs back (supposedly).

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